April 9, 2016

#FarmAttack: Sandvlei farm: Black gunmen entered the residence and opened fire. Two residents wounded and a third only lightly injured. The wounded have been moved to hospital

On Saturday morning at 09h20 Netcare 911 paramedics raced to the scene of a shooting at Sandvlei farm in Somerset West. Exact detail to the shooting is still speculative and will form part of the police investigation. However, reports indicate that the business owner was in the premises counting money when unknown men barged through the door and started shooting.

The owner of the business had sustained a gunshot wound but in the cross fire  the neighbour son  who was allegedly in the shower sustained a wound in the hand while an adult was hit in the face by shattering glass.

Paramedics treated the injured at the scene before transporting them to a local hospital for the care that they required.