April 5, 2016

#FarmAttack: Afrikaner farmer had to fight for his life after a black attacker tried to stab him with his own garden fork at Schaapkraal farm

Francois Ohlhoff, 36, says this was the second time in one week ...
This attacker was caught red-handed by a farmer stealing two litres of diesel
Francois Ohlhoff, 36, says this was the second time in one week their fuel was stolen, after a thief got away with 40 litres of diesel from a tractor.

The farmer's son says he caught a known petrol thief red-handed stealing diesel and broke into the pump station on their farm. 

The vegetable farmer, whose dad Bernie owns Morewagt farm, says he was woken up just after 4am on Sunday by his dog’s barking.

He found the alleged criminal, dressed in a red hoodie, using a hosepipe to siphon the diesel from a tractor.

Francois says he got a fright when the man came running towards him with his own garden fork.

Francois says: “He had a garden scissor, a hosepipe and two cans [for the diesel] with him.

“I caught him pumping diesel in the storage room.

“Last week Thursday, 40 litres of diesel was stolen and this thief normally operates with a partner.

“He wanted to stab me with the fork and I grabbed a pole to defend myself and there was a struggle.

“If I had a gun I would have shot him because he wanted to harm me and I also have small children on the farm.”

Francois says he trapped the suspect and called for help.

They tied up the thief and called the cops, who he says only arrived four hours later.

“I can’t believe the police took so long to arrive because this guy usually operates with another person, and I didn’t know if the other guy was still in the vicinity,” he adds

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirms the suspect was caught.

“A suspect caught stealing two litres of diesel at the farm on Sunday morning. He will face charges of theft and trespassing.”