April 13, 2016

#ATTACK: 5 black attackers armed with pistols & automatic rifles hold up 20 people during a attack at a KFC in Bethal

Five armed attackers make off with cash, cell phones and wallets during a robbery at a KFC in Bethal.
They arrived at KFC just before 6pm on Friday evening.
Three were armed with pistols and the other two with automatic rifles.
The two men with the rifles stood guard outside, while the others entered the store.
Approximately 20 people were inside the store, excluding employees.
The robbers told customers to lie down and forced their way to behind the counter.
They made no attempt to cover their faces and demanded that customers hand over their wallets and cell phones.
The men broke open the tills and took all the cash.
According to an eyewitness, the entire robbery happened in less than a minute and the robbers were extremely organised.
This robbery took place less than a week after a highly organised cash in transit heist in Bethal during which robbers fled with an estimated R200 000.
The Bethal Police did not attend the scene of the crime and customers decided to go to the police station to open a case.
Furthermore, Bethal Police allegedly did not attempt to follow up on information given to them by the customers.
When contacted for a comment, the police spokesman was not available.
No arrests have been made and the police urged the public to report any suspicious behaviour and to contact them if they have any information that might lead to an arrest.