April 15, 2016

30 July 2016: #Witkruismonument event. Show the world we care...


The Founder of the White cross farm-murder munument, Mrs Lita Cross Fourie has received an ultimatum from Afriforum that she is not allowed to upgrade the monument on 30 July 2016 as she does every year... And now this Boer woman is on the war-path - writing: : "Come carry your cross of your loved one(s) together with me enroute to the White cross Monument on 30 July 2016. Kom dra jou kruis saam met my op pad na die Witkruis monument op 30 July 2016: I have two crosses to carry there - one which I must carry each year, but another one for every one person in this country who has been murdered. Villages which we will pass through include Warmbaths, Nylstroom, Naboomspruit, Potgietersrus and Pietersburg. Lita writes:  The White Cross Monument does not belong to Afriforum nor to any other person - it belongs to the people of south Africa. I also have Groblersdal, Marble Hall and Roedtan on my list, pending on the time we have available!om, Contact me at 0604146129 , email tabita.fourie7@gmail.com.


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VIDEO: WIT KRUIS MONUMENT/ WHITE CROSS MONUMENT, Murdered farmers in South Africa, 6 June 2015