March 11, 2016

#HospitalGenocide: Pensioner (86) covered in bruises due to deliberate abuse & neglect at ANCFail state hospital in Nylstroom


 #BringBackTheWhitePeople: 96 percent of all the so-named 'White" South Africans are barred from the job-market in South Africa under the ANC's more than 115 anti-white racelaws. Afrikaner children, children, pensioners and adults suffer from this deliberate policy of barring their wage-earners from jobs, and many of these families hide themselves away in tiny squatter camps in South Africa. They have no right to work, no rights to earning an income and no rights to get food-aid from charities: we are in desperate need of donations for food, vegetables, clothing, baby clothes, medicine, blankets and tents. The ANC government does not help: in fact the ANC-regime has also made laws which prohibit private and public charities and donor-charities from helping whites If they do, the ANC will cancel their non-profit registration with the government. More than 15-million black poor people get help from the government and from private charities in South Africa. But only very few charities dare to donate to help these Afrikaner squatters because of their fear of this law. Foreign charities and private donors are free to chose where they can send their money and their aid in South Africa This is a very desperate situation please help. We need assistance


Die tannie breek haar femur en word in die F H Odendaal staats hospitaal in Nylstroom opgeneem..Sy is 86 jaar oud.Sy word op die X strale tafel gegooi daarom die merke en seerkolle aan haar arms..Die wond aan haar arm is waar hulle 'n drup probeer indruk het..

Dit is wat hierdie barbaarse demone aan ons mense doen.

Hierdie is nou blykbaar aanvaarbaar.