March 3, 2016

#FarmAttack: UPDATE: Afrikaner man, Jacques Vorster is still recovering after being shot in the face by black terrorists at their home last week

Jacques Vorster (26) is back at home after a five hour long operation to remove the bullet lodged in his neck after being shot by black attacker at a house just outside Pietersburg

Jacques Vorster has made an almost complete recovery after being shot in the face by robbers who wanted to break into their home last week. Photo: Supplied

UPDATE: Jacques back at home after horrific ordeal

PIETERSBURG –  Jacques was shot just under his right eye while trying to prevent attackers from entering the house he shares with his mother and two brothers in the Upsala camping terrain at the Doornkraal Feesterrein on Friday, 26 February.

His mother, Christa Momberg recounts what happened

“I was lying in bed, unable to fall asleep, when I heard a sound outside the open window. I turned and saw three men, one with a gun, who showed me he wanted my phone which was in my hand. The next thing I remember was that I screamed and rolled of the bed to try and protect myself. This woke up my sons and as Jacques was making his way towards the window, one of the men hit him and a second later I heard the gunshot and saw him falling back onto the bed he was sleeping on. I thought he was dead. My other sons were fighting with the men through the door and then they were gone. It all seemed like a dream. I was harshly brought back to reality when I saw my eldest son, Juan (31), trying to stop the bleeding from Jacques’ face.

“We could not wait for an ambulance and we immediately rushed him to the hospital,” Momberg recounts.

After their arrival at the hospital, she was told the bullet that hit her son went in under his right eye and was lodged in his neck and an operation would be needed to remove the bullet. A piece of the bullet could not be removed as it was too risky and it would have to remain lodged in his neck.

“He was walking and talking and even fighting to go have a smoke. The operation to remove the bullet held no guarantees and we were told to pray as hard as we could,” Momberg said.

After close to five hours, the operation was deemed a success. Even though there is still a long road to recovery for Jacques and his family, he was back home on Wednesday.

“The doctor phoned me when he saw the X-rays and said he wanted to inform me that as a doctor he was amazed to see my son recovering as, in his eyes, he was a walking, talking miracle. The doctor said there could only have been one of two possible outcomes and they were told he should either have been dead or paralysed,” Momberg explained.

Jacques is on strong pain medication and he is scheduled for a follow-up, but Momberg said she is thankful that her son has no recollection of the incident and that he was back home. However, he will have to avoid certain strenuous activities to ensure the piece of the bullet still lodged in his neck does not shift.

“I am grateful he is alive. We may have lost a few nights’ sleep, but we are incredibly grateful for the opportunities we have received in this city. I would like to thank everyone for their support during this time, especially God for holding us in His hands,” Momberg said.

Westenburg police spokesperson capt Mohlaka Mashiane said that a case of attempted murder and robbery is still being investigated. ‘There have not been any arrests made yet.’

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