March 2, 2016

#ATTACK: Elderly Afrikaner man (74) & a couple were brutally attacked, stabbed, assaulted at home in Drift Road, on the morning of 25 February 2016

"Oom” Fasie Labuschagne (74) is counting his lucky stars after he survived a robbery in progress, at the house of an elderly couple, aged 81 and 73-years old in Drift Road, on the morning of 25 February 2016.


Currently recovering at La Verna Hospital, Oom Labuschange said that he went over to the couples house to repair their lawnmower. Unknown to him, the house was being ransacked and the couple were already tied-up after being brutally assaulted.

When he walked into the kitchen he was pushed and felt a burning sensation on his right shoulder and then he realised he was stabbed. The two assailants shouted and pushed him around and finally tied him up with a neck-tie and pushed him into the bedroom with the couple who were left for dead.

The man was pistol whipped and his wife tied-up. When the robbers left, Oom Labuschagne managed to break free and called for his son-in-law. Within minutes Public Safety Officials, SAP and ambulances arrived and rushed the three to hospital.

The couple wish to remain unanimous and want to reassure everyone that they are alive and dispel any rumours of their brutal death.

‘I would like to thank everyone that helped to comfort us by offering assistance. I just hope that the police manage to capture these guys and find my car,” said Oom Labuschange.

The suspects fled by taking a TV, cash, the couples Peugeot vehicle and Oom Labuschange silver Opel Corsa, with registration number NKR 29654.

Police are investigating a case of house robbery and theft of two motor vehicles. Police are searching for the suspects.

At the time of going to press, one suspect was caught by the Ladysmith police.