March 6, 2016

#ATTACK: Afrikaner Boermag member, Tom Vorster narrowly escaped being injured after brutally assaulted by warder

Pretoria - The man dubbed the ringleader of the Boeremag, Tom Vorster, was allegedly assaulted in the Zonderwater Prison near Cullinan on Tuesday by a prison warder 
Vorster, who is serving a 35-year jail term, told the Pretoria News from prison that he fears for his safety...
Vorster said he suffered injuries to his face and he was treated in the hospital section of the prison.
Boeremag ringleader Tom Vorster is serving a 35-year jail term

Vorster said he narrowly escaped being injured when gang members allegedly went on the rampage and stabbed about 35 fellow inmates.
“It was only through the grace of God that I managed not to be stabbed. Prison is no hotel.”
Vorster said he was attacked after he went to the office of the head of the prison to complain about being transferred from one section to another.
“From nowhere a warder appeared and pushed me around. I was pushed against a table and hit.
“The warder also tried to knee me between the legs. The next moment Kotze appeared and he also hit me and pushed me around.”
Vorster said he suffered injuries to his face and he was treated in the hospital section of the prison.
He had made a four-page statement regarding the assault, but despite promises, he was by late Wednesday still waiting to be taken to the police station to lay a charge.
Vorster said he did nothing to deserve the treatment.
His sister, Theunie Wessels, said she also feared for her brother’s safety.
“He phoned me and told me about the assault. He said it happened as he went to the office of the prison head to enquire why he was being moved. It was clean and orderly where he stayed, but it was simply decided to move him to another, dirty section of the prison.”
Wessels said her brother told her a warder wagged his finger at him and Vorster told him not to do that. The warder apparently then grabbed him by the chest, pushed him against a wall and slapped him. He said Kotze also jumped in and hit him.
“This should not be swept under the carpet,” Wessels said.
Correctional Services had not responded to queries by late Wednesday .


■ Boeremag set up by Crime Intelligence
Boeremag was set up by agent-provocateurs of the SAPS crime-intelligence's 'Rightwing Reactionary Desk'