February 3, 2016

#MURDER: UPDATE: Sadistic murder-convict Cloud Sibongiseni Maduna wants parole: got life in prison for monstrous killing of Mrs Elsie van Coller (May 1999)

Brutal murder not yet forgotten:
The murderer of Elsie van Coller (76) is applying for parole after serving 15 years of his 25 year life sentence.
The murderer of Elsie van Coller (76) is applying for parole after serving 15 years of his 25 year life sentence.

Mrs. Van Coller’s eldest son Ben, now 72, still becomes emotional when he recalls the events of his mother’s death.

She was 76 when she was overpowered by five men in her house. Her body was discovered the following day, shoved into a cupboard in the spare room, tied up with wire hangers, belts and scarves. She had extensive wounds to her head and body and socks shoved down her throat.

The cause of death was later determined as suffocation and blunt force trauma to the head.

“They smashed her head to a pulp and almost completely tore out her tongue. It is horrific what they did to her,” Mr Van Coller recalls.

She was murdered a few days before the national election in May 1999.

“My mother was so exited about going to vote. She genuinely believed that her vote would make a difference. She was very optimistic about the new South Africa and the future of the country.”

He remembers his mother as a short but unbelievably strong woman with a heart of gold, one that eventually might have helped led to her demise.

“She always gave food to the homeless. They knew that she had a soft heart and came by her place regularly for handouts. We suspect her attackers used some of the young people she gave food to and knew, to gain access to her flat.”

“She was unbelievably strong. I remember her picking me up with ease to reach something high when I was already a grown man. I believe she put up a massive fight when she was overpowered,” Mr Van Coller says.

Her murderers made off with her parrot, a sewing machine, microwave, clothing and her Toyota Corolla.

Five men, all from Kwazamokuhle, were arrested a week after Mrs Van Coller’s death after one of them reported a theft at the Hendrina police station. He was arrogant enough to open a case at the police after the things they stole from Mrs Van Coller, was stolen from them by someone else.

Cloud Sibongiseni Maduna (38), Oupa Amos Mtau (37), Vusi Josef Mahlangu (18), Butana Koos Mahlangu (18) and Mathew Mfondo Mashinini (18) were charged with murder, house breaking with the intent to rob, robbery and theft.

During the investigation, it came to light that the accused firmly believed that the parrot, which managed to escape out of its cage and started biting them whilst they were driving, flew and told the police what they have done, after it managed to fly out of an open window in the car.

Charges were withdrawn against the three 18 year-old accused. Cloud Sibongiseni Maduna was eventually identified as and prosecuted for the murder of Mrs Van Coller. He was sentenced to life in prison without the option of parole and sent to the Baberton maximum penitentiary.

Mr Van Coller says that he remembers the judge saying that this was one of the most brutal murders he ever had to deal with.

Yet, 16 years later, the Van Coller family have been hounded with phone calls from correctional services and police officers because Maduna wants to apply for parole.

“I don’t want to carry hate in my heart. I have forgiven him a long time ago. But that does not change the fact that he must serve his sentence. I do not understand how you apply for parole after a judge specified that you may not,” said Mr Van Coller.

Sarie Peens, Correctional Services spokesperson, says that prisoners who has served 15 years of their sentence, completed all the required programs and who is seen as exemplary prisoners, may apply and be taken into consideration to serve the rest of their sentence as a parolee.

According to her records, Maduna has since been moved form Baberton to Johannesburg Medium C. The Gauteng spokesperson could not be reached at the time of going to press.

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