February 27, 2016

#LandGrabsInSA: 40 armed black male aggressors invaded Warden in Vrede - plundering shops, attacking & terrorising shopkeepers including Afrikaner families - and none of the cops answered their cellphones or policestation phones...


Warden, Vrede Rekord, 26 Feb 2016.
Fourty black males - armed with firearms, knifes, bats and hammers -- invaded the business district in the town of Warden near Vrede.
The police did not respond to any emergency calls either on their cellphones or at the police station phones, Vrede Rekord reported.
The attack took place on Tuesday-morning. Mrs Pieta Niemand, 70, told Volksblad that the group targetted four shops - accused the owners of having 'stolen goods' and plundered the goods. The armed group reportedly also included a known municipal worker and an ex-convict, threatened the shopkeepers and their employees and 'shoved them around'. The municipal worker was dressed in his workclothes. The group demanded to view the shopkeepers' purchase-records and confiscated their identity books. Then the group moved down Piet Retief street while plundering, and moved into Tenth Street. Shortly before noon in Baukes street they targeted Mr Niemand's shop. A member of the local policing-community forum immediately phoned the station commanders at the Warden police station. The police station commander told him on his cellphone that he 'was in Bethlehem and that she must call one of the other police officers.''  The PDF-member said she tried calling all the telephones in the police station's office, and also tried to call other police officers on their cellphones - but nobody replied. Mrs Pieta Niemand, 70, the PDF member, said the group of armed black thugs then attacked her and her husband, and tried to get into their house. The couple and their children run a salvage yard and live at the premises.