February 3, 2016

Criminal charges laid against former apartheid president' De Klerk and Vlok

But Mngxitama ....21,000 died during Apartheid. 92% of which due to political Black on #BlackViolence... and also, what do we call Mandela / ANC then in PEACE TIME almost 1 million deaths since the end of Apartheid?

“Yesterday the mass murderer, the criminal De Klerk was celebrated by people who don’t know this man should be in jail. He should be sent to the International Crimes Court. This campaign is driven by clear principle. After 22 years... when you see De Klerk next time you must know he is a wanted man,” said Mngxitama.
Mngxitama is a supporter of the newly-formed Anti-Racism Action Forum, which laid 22 criminal charges against De Klerk and apartheid's law and order minister, Adriaan Vlok, for crimes committed against black people.
The group said the two men were not granted amnesty for their crimes.
It accused De Klerk of crimes which included the Sebokeng massacre in July 1990 in which 27 people were killed, the killing of the Cradock Four and the Daveyton massacre in 1991 where 13 people died.
In response, the FW de Klerk Foundation said it had noted the development.
In a statement the organisation said, “We regard it as an attempt by an unknown organisation to generate divisive and sensational publicity. Their allegations are without any foundation and we are not at all concerned.”