February 25, 2016

#BlackViolenceContinuesInSA: No end in sight as violence escalates at SA universities


I see that after the Battle of Kovsies, and the humiliating defeat of the EFF shit-stirrers at the hands of the white students and Shimla supporters, the blacks are out for revenge. 

Credo Mutwa explains this in his book “Indaba my children”. 

Central to the Bantu Law is the obligation to take revenge when wronged. Failure to do so will upset the spirits of the ancestors who will take revenge on you if you don’t. 

This is the reason why there are so many wars and so little peace in Africa. 

A white male student was attacked outside his residence and chased into the building by a black mob, who then proceeded to stab all four of his tires flat. Why? He was white of course. 

The blacks said, “they would beat any sign of a white student they would see on campus.” 

Statue of CR Swart

The statue of former white Prime Minister C.R. Swart was vandalized, broken down and dumped in a fish pond. 

Black mobs also attacked the residences of “House Abraham Fischer” and the female res, “Madelief” with sticks and stones and students had to be escorted out by police. 

The blacks said “They would kill any white child of a white man”. 
Ju-marie Pretorius

On the fateful night of the Battle of Kovsies, Ju-marie Pretorius (22) who stood outside the gate, was hit in the face with a fist, kicked and then struck over the head by a cowardly black guy with a megaphone, who then ran away. 

According to Max du Preez she deserved it . Who appointed her as gatekeeper? What was she thinking? In other words, this self hating white liberal condones black males punching white women in the face. I wonder what he would say if that was his daughter. 

Watch the video here: 

The black protestors then burst onto the Rugby field and were properly defeated and chased away by mostly white players and spectators. 

Jansen must fall.
University of the Free State vice chancellor, Professor Jonathan Jansen, was at the game, but instead of addressing the crowd, ran away as soon as the fight broke out. 

From his utterings, it is clear that Jansen already made up his mind that the black protestors were all friendly and innocent and the spectators who chased them off were all evil white racists. Ironically the Blacks are calling for his resignation, because of his inability to act. 

The media was quick to show the White and Black students praying together and singing Kumbaya for calm and an end to the violence. However it was broken up by black protestors. 

2 Corinthians 6:14

Meanwhile the SA Student Congress SASCO declared war on the “racist boerebond”

At the Durban University of TechnologyStudents went on a rampage

Where is it all going to end? 

By Mike Smith

More #Hatespeech threats....


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