February 26, 2016

2x #ATTACK + 1 #FarmAttack: Pensioner tied up, brutally attacked with a hammer and left for dead at home

Elderly #Southport (KZN) man (71) recounted his 24 hours of terror after black attackers smashed his head on the floor demanding money, then left him tightly bound and locked in a tiny bathroom with slim chance of rescue for 24 hours

Lucky to be alive: A Southport man was tied up with his shoelaces and left in his bathroom.
Recovering: Apart from injuries to his wrists and ankles, his body and head were left bruised and scratched

Hanmer Attack
Triple Attack: one attack on a farm:

AN elderly Southport man (71) recounted his 24 hours of terror after a robber smashed his head on the floor demanding money, then left him tightly bound and locked in a tiny bathroom with slim chance of rescue.
The man (whose name is known to the Herald) was attacked when he arrived home last Tuesday at about 5.20pm after attending a meeting.
He opened the front door and went to open the back door when his little dog’s barking alerted him that something was wrong.
He quickly bolted the back door, but he was too late to get to the front. A smartly dressed intruder in his 20s was already inside.
“He kept asking: ‘Where is the money?’ Meanwhile, he was banging my head on the bedroom floor,” he man said.
He was then taken to the bathroom where hishands and feet were tightly bound with his shoelaces.
The robber threatened to cut his throat with a sharp blade and choked him in an attempt to find where the money was.
The man lay in the bathroom, drifting in and out of consciousness, for some 24 hours.
“For the first hour, he kept coming back and bashing me.”
Eventually realising there was no money to be had, the man fled with a cellphone.
“The more I struggled, the more the shoelaces cut into my wrists and ankles. There was no way I could get free,” the pensioner said.
Luckily a friend, worried that he could not contact the pensioner, went to investigate and found him still bound and badly shaken.
“You always think time is on your side. Be alert and listen to your dogs when they warn you,” he warned. ‘We have to live like prisoners in our own homes.”
Police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid said no arrests had been made. She urged homeowners to be alert of any suspicious people lurking around and report it to a neighbour and the police.
Dr Rishigen Viranna of the DA Ugu South Constituency, said the party was shocked and disgusted by the attack. “This incident is indicative of the violence that many elderly and vulnerable residents of Hibiscus Coast Municipality (HCM) face on a daily basis. Of great concern is that this is the fourth home invasion he has experienced in the past year,” he wrote.
Dr Viranna visited the Southport police station along with Councillor Tap Kruger. During the visit it emerged that a major factor for the increase in local crime – a matter already raised by police officials and CPF members – is that of overgrown verges, vacant lots and other unkempt areas.
“This is not only hampering effective patrolling, but also providing a haven for criminals to hide or escape arrest. The major culprits here are the HCM and Transnet where the bushy areas surround the railway tracks. The problem exists in spite of numerous complaints lodged by the local councillor and residents,” he added.
2nd attack: Hammer attack in Hibberdene
Also last Tuesday, a man (60) woke up to find four intruders in his home in a rural farming area nearHibberdene.
They assaulted him with a hammer and demanded cash. They fled with his cellphone and DVD player. The victim sustained bruises on his back. The following day the victim’s employer went to find out why he did not come to work and discovered that he had been attacked and robbed.
3Rd attack: Australians robbed in Olso Beach
In a separate attack, two families from Pietermaritzburg – together with visitors from Australia – were left traumatised after a gang of four men entered their holiday home in North Road,  Oslo Beach last Sunday.
They are now warning others to be extremely careful when holidaying on the coast. “The South Coast is not what it used to be,” said one of the women, who asked to remain anonymous.
Before going to bed at about 11.30pm, the group of 11 people, including a one-year-old toddler and three teenagers, had locked the house’s slamlock gate, further securing it with a chain and a padlock. They were asleep for less than an hour when the woman’s husband woke up with a ‘chilling, eerie feeling’ going down the one side of his body.
He found the curtains  fully opened and the once locked, chained security gate wide open.
“The distance between our bed and the sliding door was barely an arm’s length. That is how close they were to us,” she said.”Who knows how long they stood over us. Helpless while sleeping, I shudder to think what they could have done.”
The intruders then went into the lounge and kitchen, but were disturbed as her brother-in-law had got up to close a window that had popped open.
Then they realised there were intruders in the home.
“My husband shouted at them and the four men, dressed in black, made a quick exit.”
The men fled with a handbag, wallet and two pairs of sandals.
A knife was found later next to an empty wallet.
More disturbing was that the men seemed to know exactly where the DB board was and had switched off the electricity.
Also, the padlock was not broken, but had apparently been opened with a key.
“We are traumatised and at the same time most thankful to God for sparing all our lives,” said the woman.