February 1, 2016

ANOTHER #MURDER? LIBERAL Media Hides Colour: Bedridden pensioner dies after attack at home

The man apparently died of shock after five black attackers threatened his wife & caregiver at their Sea Park home
police van new (Medium)

AN elderly man (63), who was confined to his bed, died after an armed robbery at his home in Cyclamen Terrace, Sea Park last Friday.

The man’s wife had gone to drop off the grandchildren and when she returned home, she and her husband’s caregiver were approached by two men.

“They were held at gunpoint and threatened,” said police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid.

“They were taken inside the house where they were bound with cable ties before the two men and three accomplices   ransacked the house.”

The robbers fled in a silver Toyota Corolla, taking with them a shotgun, a revolver, cellphones, a laptop and other items.

It is believed that the bed ridden man died of shock following the robbery.

People should ensure that their driveways and verges are cleared of any dense shrubs or bushes where criminals can hide, say police.

“Gardens and properties should be well lit to prevent culprits from hiding in the dark,” added Lt-Col Wiid.

The public is urged to contact their nearest police station if they know of anyone who is in possession of unlicensed firearms and/or ammunition.

Alternatively they can forward information to the the cluster commander at 039 6881031.