January 9, 2016

Video: White farmers turned into scapegoats by SA president Zuma, falsely 'blaming farmers for stealing land in the past

Something spotted on the SABC TV news broadcasts last night. This hatespeech by Zuma was ONLY broadcast on the news for black listeners last night -- but NOT on the Afrikaans news - and his hatespeech targets white farmers. It's pretty vile. -- It's important to keep all the details in the main message body because the news item starts about 20 seconds into the broadcast for black listeners last night: ,,,,,START QUOTE..... . " Zuma launches #hatespeech attack against white farmers - but broadcast ONLY on news for black viewers...

"Zuma blames the farmers 'stealing land' for 'poverty and inequality' -- but this news items was only seen on the 'black news' -
This item about the land 'being stolen' @ 0.27sec was on the Black news on sabc2 at 19:30 BUT not on the Afrikaans news at 19:00. (Friday 8 Jan 2017)
The piece about the land being stolen was edited out... @ 0.27sec -- Zuma tells people at the 104th ANC-birthday speech in Rustenburg that "the land was stolen, not bought and that its the source of all poverty and now the govt of the people are expected to buy it back..." That is hate speech, is that not incitement or hate speech? I hope somebody knowledgeable can and will take this further... once again landowners and farmers are being made out to be the enemy, the cause of " the demise of the masses... "

8 Jan 2016 SABC (state broadcaster) video: 


"There are no “first people” any more. The ‘first people of South Africa’ are long extinct"   Zulu’s stole other black’s lands and drove others of their land

Do Not Forget, Blacks Stole The Land Too

The old communist lie that "Whites own 80% of the land" in South Africa is endlessly perpetuated, despite the Chief Surveyor-General confirming that “there is no basis” for the claim. Add the fact that Black African Bantu were not the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and thus arguably "stole" far more land than Whites, and the truth finally begins to emerge...