January 9, 2016

#ATTACK: Survived: Johannesburg ceo Wayne Champion: injured by concrete block through windshield


Survived: Wayne Champion injured by huge concrete block thrown through his windshield from bridge
-- "That brick was no accident... they were trying to kill us..."

Police docket number: CAS 50/1/2016. (1 attempted murder)
Police investigator contact: 039-6999800
Place: N2 freeway between Port Edward and Scottburgh, KwaZuluNatal
Time: evening around 8pm
Robbed: nothing. 
Attack method: large concrete block thrown from overhead bridge through the windshield on driver's side, hitting and badly injuring Johannesburg ceo Wayne Champion, who was with his pregnant fiance Marina. 
Perpetrators: unknown. 
-- comment by editor of the Hibiscus Coast Herald newspaper: 8 January 2016- 

"Wayne Champion was driving to Port Edward on the KZN South Coast on 2 January 2016 when a despicable human being tried to murder him, his fiance and their unborn child.
"Under the cover of night, the cowards threw a (*concrete block) brick at his car which shattered the window, hit him on his left arm and shoulder and shattered their lives.
"The consequences of such an action need not be explained.
The attack on Wayne & Marina must be seen as an attack on us all, an attack on our businesses, an attack on our way of life and an attack on the reputation of the South Coast.
"We call on government to place barriers on the bridges, we call on SAPS to investigate this as a priority crime and for examples to be made of the perpetrator or perpetrators of this cowardly act.
"One case of attempted murder has been registered. In my opinion, there should be 3 cases: One for Wayne, one for Marina & one for the unborn baby.
CAS 50/1/2016. Unit contact detail:(South Africa 27) 039-6999800"

Wayne Champion shares his story:
"That brick tore through through our lives, and cause chaos and havoc, for what? This was not an accident, this was intentional, they were trying to kill us..."
(Saturday-night, 2 January 2016, N2 from scottburgh to Port Edward, KZN...' 

"Saturday night, 2 January 2016, I driving down the N2 from Scottburgh to Port Edward, the mood was a bit tense and the car was quiet after a difficult day.
"The silence was broken by a brick breaking the window with an enormous bang, piercing our safe place. The impact of the brick on my left shoulder, felt as if I had been hit by a train.
"Earlier that day, after dropping the kids at King Shaka airport after nearly 4 weeks of holiday with them, my attachment to the kids has strengthened and they have pierced the veil of my emotions, it’s hard to let them go and the void of their energy was heavy and was amiss.
"Marina and I spent the the day at uSharka marine world, engaging in mindless activities just try to pass time as the mood was heavy. We found a place to eat at Scottburgh where we had a light and sober meal, both calm and gentle. The heavy day seemed to be coming to the apex and the mood was much lighter.
"Heading from dinner to our accommodation in Port Edward, we had a slight disagreement in the car, but neither of us seemed to have the energy to sustain the discussion. We both fell into a heavy silence, my thoughts drifting with nothing concrete on my mind.
"It was exactly at this point when we would face our greatest fear. The brick hit the window as we drove under the bridge.
In a very strange way, I saw the brick. But at the speed of light, I was powerless as I heard the bang of the window shattering, and felt the impact of the brick to my left arm.
I immediately knew without a doubt what had happened, the intention was to kill us. At that moment I was like a warrior going into war.
I had no idea of the extent of the damage but I didn’t care. At that instance I let out a roar, much like the roar of the cavalry as they charge at the enemy. 
The mission was clear, protect at whatever cost.
I knew I had to get to safety, that brick was NOT going to defeat me and allow the perpetrators into our world.
Marina was frantic and in a complete state, grabbing me and trying to pull me close to her; shouting 'you have been shot, you have been shot … I cannot lose you, I cannot lose you.'
I knew I had not been shot, but I had no idea what the damage was.
Traveling for the next 8 minutes, the roar continued to leave my lungs at an almighty sound.
I was alert and aware of everything, the time was 9:04.
7 minutes after impact, Marina had calmed and had wrapped my arm in her scarf.
She was frantically looking for the nearest hospital. I was in complete control, but knowing that I cannot sustain this, over the next 60 seconds, the car started to slow and a safe place was established.
It was time to hand over control to Marina, the soldier and instinct in her is strong. As I lumbered to the passenger seat, she took control and set the gps for Margate Hospital.
34min, its 9:06, the air is coming through the front windscreen and with chads of glass everywhere, it’s hard to drive.
I find myself drifting, wondering if this is my time, slowly my eyes close as the blood oozes out my gaping wounds. I feel light headed, Marina is shouting at me to stay awake, her clear voice has intention, she is not stopping.
We go through the tollgate, time is at its slowest, seconds feel like years minutes are ages, the pain in my system is extreme and I have a look at my wounds.
I find a second wound closer to my shoulder it’s gasping the size of a golf ball.I can feel the blood running down my arm.
I try not make it obvious that I am loosing blood. Marina is driving, as we head to Margate.
I re-focus, get my phone and ensure Marina has access to all my records, medical aid, blood type etc.
As we approach the hospital I feel the clinch on life, your mind over exaggerating the situation, but you are powerless to overcome the strong feeling of death.
The time is 9:34. 
The emergency room is panic stations, people are falling over each other, the room is so small and cramped with 6 people in the room simultaneously.
Questions are been asked, blood being taken, twice, three times, I lost count.
I hear Marina’s voice in the passage as the doctors try piece together the puzzle before them.
Debating a gun shoot wound, I disagree, with the doctor as I feel his finger piercing my wound, search for the bullet.I look at him perplexed in sheer pain and agony asking him what are you doing?The doctor doesn’t care what I am saying, clearly he is in control.Marina is back in the room. I hold her hand, wondering if this will be the last time I get to hold her hand.
She is a soldier, she fought the battle when I could no longer fight. We are a team, she is the Queen, and I the king, operating to protect each other at whatever cost.
The night drags on, x-rays are taken unsuccessfully and then taken again. Time ticks on stopping for no man, the pethidine is now kicking in. 
The feeling of elysium fields are in my head, staring at the wall with the painted fish.
I find myself daydreaming, the kids, John and Mary, Sarah, Marina, please don’t take me now. I have just found my partner who is going to bear my child, my queen.
Will I see my daughter, no this is not fair. I am angry, angry and confused, why, why why why would someone do this.
That brick tore through through our lives, and cause chaos and havoc, for what? This was not an accident, this was intentional, they were trying to kill us.
I could not give them the satisfaction of dying.
00:20 I am lying on the operating table as the staff frantically try and prep the theater for the operation.
The doctor standing calm in his short and slops, the nurses and anesthetist desperate, and as I find myself staring at the calm doctor, putting my life in his hands.
02:30 I am out the pain is numb, the injuries are much less than everyone thought, no broken bones, but massive lacerations to the forearm and upper arm.
The emotions are high, the anger is real. I look around to find my queen, she is looking tired and exhausted.
I am powerless to help her, she is brave, she saved my life, I love her……