January 25, 2016

South Africa Criminal Statistics 1930 vs 2015


■ http://www.enongqaipublications.com/criminal-statistics-1930.html

How much crime happens in S.Africa? 
47.5 MILLION serious crimes (reported only) in 21 yrs! 
6.2k PER DAY 

■ A serious crime is reported every 14 seconds in South Africa


The actual figures are far higher, the police under report and do not log every case http://roodt.org/?p=1111

■ Keep in mind...
Police are UNDERCOUNTING murder
Haven’t we always suspected that the ANC regime is pulling the wool over our eyes? Why would they not minimise the murder statistics?

Listen to the Sound clip: 'Crime in SA becoming more violent' http://m.ewn.co.za/2015/05/22/Crime-in-SA-becoming-more-violent

■ South Africa is one of the most violent and 
unsafe countries in the world
South Africa is one of the most violent and unsafe countries in the world