January 14, 2016


Would you flee your own country, leaving your whole life behind like a coward...? 
There has been a concerted effort by various western countries to flush white South Africans out of our country, where we've (South African White) been living and building this country for almost 400 years.

We've been here as long as the Americans have been in America...

We've been here longer than the Australians are in Australia...
We are the legal indigenous people of South Africa...A lot of the black people in this country are recent arrivals here!
So please support & sign this Petition: Allow the Bantu tribes of South Africa the right to return to their ancestral mother countries....

" En nog steeds soek di Britse, Indiese.... in kort gebasterde kleuring ons uit Suid-Afrika... Ek is bitter jammer om jou die slegte nuus te gee, maar ons is hier om te bly... ondersteun jy eerder die blanke Suid-Afrikaaners se petisie " :

■Petition: Allow the Bantu tribes of South Africa the right to return to their ancestral mother countries

Mike Smith decided to start a petition as well. I am petitioning the governments of Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda with the following message:
"The Bantu tribes of South Africa originally migrated from the area where Nigeria is today to the Great Lakes region and from there South to where South Africa is today. The South African president Jacob Zuma has repeatedly said that all their troubles started when they met white people in 1770 at the Great Kei River. These whites who have been in South Africa since 1652 systematically oppressed the Bantu tribes to the extent that they are still suffering tremendously today and will probably never recover. Today the white people of South Africa make up only 9% of the population, but according to the ANC Bantu government are still oppressing the blacks after 21 years of the ANC being in charge. In order to escape this vicious oppression by whites, the Central African countries of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Nigeria are therefore petitioned to come to the rescue of these oppressed Bantus and allow them the right to return to their ancestral mother countries."

Now when we are finished with that then we will petition the Indian government to allow the Indians to return and the Malaysian government to allow the Cape Malays to return and the Chinese to let the Chinese return. Then we will petition England to allow all the Australians and New Zealanders to return and then the rest of the north and central African governments to allow the Africans from Europe and the USA to return and all the Arab countries to allow the Arab speaking people from Europe to return…and so on and so forth.

Watch "Dan Roodt: Why would white South Africans want to flee their country?"
Responding to a recent petition demanding a "right of return to Europe" for white South Africans, Afrikaner author and activist details some of the reasons why such an issue has become topical:

■ The History Reviewed Channel:
South African Spy destroys UK Right: Jack Sen:
There’s a South African Govt spy doing massive damage to the UK white right. He is also viciously attacking white women who are doing EXCELLENT work getting our message out about crime, genocide, etc to the world. There is a 2 hour followup with more detail on this spy coming in the next few days. But here is part 1:


■ It's such a pity that THE TRUTH, the average person today only goes by what they see on TV, hear on liberal media/newspapers & fake politicians...

The very same black SAHRC spokesperson who refuses to speak AFRIKAANS is also a active CONTRIBUTING WRITER on Jack Sen's (British/Indian) page ?