January 29, 2016

#MURDER: UPDATE: Afrikaner man killed instantly by a single shot fired during the attempted arrest of a housebreaker in Veldenvlei

Danie Botha

UPDATE: ‘Friendly fire’ kills Good Samaritan

HEARTBROKEN and angry, but proud of her man’s actions, Belinda Botha spoke to the Zululand Observer on Wednesday morning about the gunshot death of her husband, 53-year-old Danie Botha.

He was killed instantly by a single shot fired during the attempted arrest of a housebreaker in Veldenvlei.

The suspect, who was subsequently apprehendedand will appear in court, had jumped over a number of razor-wired and electric-fenced walls in his bid to escape.

Bleeding profusely from a head wound sustained during householder resistance at the break-in at a Bluebell street home, he jumped the wall of a premises where a woman was home alone.

‘She shouted for help and Danie ran across the road. I followed him and soon after there was a gunshot, then chaos,’ said Belinda.

A bullet fired at the suspect by another neighbour missed its target and struck Danie in the chest, passing through his body and wounding Belinda in the hand.

‘I was in total shock and disbelief to see him lying there and being told he had been shot and had died.’

The scene soon teemed with police, neighbours, street patrol and security company members and the suspect was later tracked to the uMhlathuze clinic where he had gone disguised and using a false name, to seek treatment.

News of the arrest of the suspect and also of the neighbour whose shot hit Danie and is now facing a murder charge has done little to ease the pain for Belinda.

‘One minute he was alive; the next he was gone. This should simply not happen. There are rules for firing weapons and these were obviously not followed.

‘Danie was such a peaceful, fun loving person, an indescribable husband, father and grandfather.

‘He lived as a good and gentle man and died a hero. He will be missed more than words can describe.

‘I thank everyone who assisted us at the worst moment of our lives.’

A mechanic by trade, family man and avid fisherman, Danie last year established his own business ‘Call-a Mech’.

•A memorial service for Danie, who also leaves his daughters Richael and Cassandra and grandson Mason, will be held at 10am this Saturday at the Meerensee Boat Club.