January 26, 2016

#MURDER: Gordon Donaldson (55) dies protecting wife from black terrorists in his home

 Debbie heard him screaming and rushed to his side...

But by the time she got to him, he was dead...

 He had been stabbed three times and shot in the stomach


Westville man murdered by blacks in his home
Murder in Westville, Durban

Durban - The sound of bricks crashing through a window shattered the peace of the quiet Westville cul-de-sac, Gardenia Place, early on Tuesday morning.

What unfolded in the next few minutes would change the lives of yet another Durban family forever.

By the time Gordon Donaldson, 55, was out of bed, a gang of terrorists was already inside. In a desperate bid to protect his wife, Debbie, 54, he single-handedly took them on.

He was killed in the bloody battle that ensued and the men escaped with nothing of value.

Upon hearing what had happened, Donaldson’s son, Cameron, raced to the house from Mandeni, on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast.

Tired and dazed, Cameron said his mother had been woken by dogs barking just before 2am.

“She woke my dad and, as they were getting out of bed, the robbers threw a brick through the window.”

Police sources said two bricks were thrown.

“There was a panic button in the bedroom but my dad told my mom to push one in a different room because he was trying to protect her,” Cameron said.

Debbie apparently ran to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Donaldson grabbed a knobkierie and a tussle ensued.

Debbie heard him screaming and rushed to his side.

But by the time she got to him, he was dead. He had been stabbed three times and shot in the stomach.

His attackers fled up the driveway.

They were aged between about 18 and 21 and might have been wearing white shoes, Cameron said.

Debbie looked to be in a state of shock as she paced the halls of the home she and Donaldson had only just moved into, in November.

Bloodstains and shards of glass covered the floors.

The knobkierie Donaldson had armed himself with had been broken in half.

The family said she was struggling and that Donaldson, a national manager for a transport company, had been “her everything”.

Other relatives, including Donaldson’s brother, had come from Mooi River to be with her.

South African Community Action Network spokesman, Andreas Mathios, was at the scene.

He said the attack could have been the work of a gang operating in the area.

“They have the same modus operandi. There are about four to five men and they throw bricks through the windows,” he said.

Police spokesman, Major Thulani Zwane, said a case of murder and house robbery has been opened at Westville police station