January 26, 2016

#LandGrabsInSA: New land expropriation law nears completion

A proposed new expropriation law is nearing completion, with MPs putting the final touches to a key element of the government's land reform programme

The expropriation bill is in the final stages of a lengthy drafting process aimed at aligning expropriation with the Constitution and providing certainty for all affected parties, as it is used for land reform and reforms to bring equitable access to natural resources.
It sets out the painstaking steps, administrative procedures, and time frames on how property can be expropriated, and what to do if there is a dispute.
It provides for expropriation with compensation and states that no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property.
It also makes the courts the final arbiter of any disputes.
It stipulates who is responsible for the maintenance of a property that is being expropriated until the expropriation goes through (the property owner is responsible until expropriation is finalised), among other points of clarity.
It gives local authorities, such as a municipal manager, a chance to submit an opinion on the effect that the expropriation will have on municipal planning and gives unregistered rights holders a say in the process.
The bill has support from the ANC MPs on the Public Works Committee, which is deliberating over it, but the EFF and the DA do not like it in its present form.
Compensation is a key element of the bill, which the EFF rejects in line with its own policies on expropriation without compensation.
At the other end of the spectrum, the DA, although not opposed to expropriation, has a problem with the vagueness of the word "property" in reference to property that can be expropriated.
According to the draft, property is defined in terms of Section 25 of the Constitution which deals with property rights.
This section states that property is not confined to land. It could be a person whose tenure of land is legally insecure as a result of past racially discriminatory laws or practices. It allows restitution as a result of past discriminatory laws in the form of either property, or "equitable redress".
It states that no provision may impede the state from taking legislative and other measures to achieve land, water and related reform to address past racial discrimination. 
"The definition of 'property' can be anything," said DA MP Anchen Dreyer on the sidelines of the meeting.
"It could be extended to the expropriation of intellectual property and shares, for example. It is not specified."
The opposition party had tried to have the definition changed to be more specific, but had failed.
Dreyer warned that the bill could be challenged in the Constitutional Court if it was passed as is.
The DA is also concerned that the process to determine compensation is vague.
The government has previously worked on the principle of "willing buyer, willing seller". The shift now is for compensation that is "just and equitable" and is a balance between public interest and the interest of the expropriated owner.
"It does not go far enough. It should be very clearly stipulated who determines the price and we want it to be strengthened up in that regard," said Dreyer.
The committee will meet again next week for further discussion and potentially lead up to a vote on whether the bill is accepted.

Do Not Forget, Blacks Stole The Land Too

The old communist lie that "Whites own 80% of the land" in South Africa is endlessly perpetuated, despite the Chief Surveyor-General confirming that “there is no basis” for the claim. Add the fact that Black African Bantu were not the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and thus arguably "stole" far more land than Whites, and the truth finally begins to emerge...

Zulu’s stole other black’s lands and drove others of their land
But the Khoi-San are not even the first South Africans
"So blacks and the Khoi-San ALL migrated down from Central and East Africa. Blacks were contemporary inhabitants (note, not settlers) of South Africa as whites. Blacks were pastoral nomads who never permanently settled any land until whites came along"
"I hate to burst the bubble here, but there are no “first people” any more. The ‘first people of South Africa’ are long extinct". - Maynard Manyowa (News24)

Black First Land First in South Africa

Should white South Africans be afraid? A new political party, Black First Land First (BLF), has emerged from the back of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) this year with a revolutionary mindset. It is all

The new euphemism is ‘custodianship’ – where the government will own all the land.

White owned farm bought by government to uplift black emerging farmers and workers.
How terribly sad -- The contrast demonstrates ineptitude beyond understanding.



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White owned farm bought by government to uplift black emerging farmers and workers.
How terribly sad -- The contrast demonstrates ineptitude beyond understanding.

People have been murdered by black attackers on their farms across South Africa. 

Black people were lied to and told white people have stolen their land. According to their report, whites are unwelcome settler colonialists with no role in the future in South Africa

#Zuma reminds supporters that colonizers & ‘that guy Jan van Riebeeck arrived here in 1652. Dispossession started then’  #ANC103

At the ANC fundraiser, Zuma had revisited the country’s colonial history, telling some of the country’s wealthiest “all the trouble began” in 1652 when Van Riebeeck landed in the Cape. He went on to say the African National Congress had a superior claim to power to other political parties because it was formed by a united front of the country’s indigenous people to vanquish white colonial rule
Jacob Zuma Responds On Jan van Riebeeck:
(The hijacking of history to benefit some?)

Former ANC youth league leader Julius Malema defied a court ruling banning the singing of the “Kill the Boer” song.
Ronald Lamola, current president of the ANC youth league, continues to outshine his predecessor by stepping up hate speech against Afrikaners. Lamola claimed the land reform policy needed a forceful act of war and told his followers that it was an illusion to believe whites would hand over the land peacefully. Afriform, a South African civil-rights organization, has filed a complaint against Lamola for the use of hate speech.
It was a few hours after Lamola called for war that a 77-year-old farmer was murdered in Limpopo province. An American tourist found the deceased farmer and his critically injured wife.


Jan van Riebeeck and the Attack on South African History
The black man established himself in this barren land now known as South Africa a full 174 years AFTER the white man. 

White South Africans have a much bigger claim to the land which is South Africa, than the migrating Black tribes from central Africa have.

We have documented proof of when we arrived, how we arrived, what we found when we arrived. We have it written, and we have the images (paintings).

South African Blacks have no written history, apart from what the White people wrote on their behalf.

While Whites were building castles and palaces in Europe, Blacks were running around in loin skins, looting other tribes, raping and killing to exist. While Europeans were writing philosophy, doing calculus and looking at the stars, Black Africans were moving their diseased animals from one area to the next – leading a nomadic existence – never settling.

They just happened to stumble into the South of Africa. They can’t tell us when, they can’t tell us how, they can’t tell us what they saw – because they don’t understand the concept of time, nor could they write their history. They only knew songs and stories. Which, as we know, is about as reliable to sketch a history from as playing telephone-telephone with two cans tied together with a piece of string. 



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