January 28, 2016

#HospitalGenocide: Man left paralysed after accident, wait 3 weeks for surgery in #ANCFail hospital


Man verlam in ongeluk, wag 3 weke op operasie

’n Man van Swartruggens het drie weke vergeefs in ’n staatshospitaal gewag om geopereer te word nadat sy rug in ’n motorongeluk gebreek is en hy in die onderlyf verlam is.

Johan Engelbrecht (24) se familie het hom eergister uit desperaatheid by die hospitaal in Koster uitgeteken sodat hy in die Tshepong-hospitaal in Klerksdorp opgeneem kon word.

Die dokter wat hom in die Tshe-pong-hospitaal ondersoek het, was baie ontevrede omdat hy weens die erns van sy beserings nie binne twee dae ná die ongeluk al geopereer is nie, sê sy ma, Sandra.

Hy sal nou oormôre of op die laatste Maandag geopereer word.

Skanderings wys werwels in Johan se lae rug het gebreek en geskuif. Dit druk teen sy rugmurg en daar is beenfragmente in die murg.

Volgens Sandra hoop die dokter dat Johan weer sal kan loop indien die werwels in posisie geskuif is.

“Ons sal egter eers ná die operasie weet hoe groot die skade is en of dit erger geword het omdat hy so lank op ’n operasie moes wag.”

Johan en ’n vriend was op 29 Desember van ’n rugby-oefening af op die Koster-Derby-pad op pad huis toe toe hulle vir ’n dier uitgeswaai, beheer verloor en die voertuig gerol het.

Belinda Bruyns, Johan se tannie, sê hy is sedert die ongeluk elke nou en dan met ’n ambulans tussen die Job Shimankana Tabane-hospitaal in Rustenburg, Tshepong in Klerksdorp, die Koster-hospitaal en die dr. George Mukhari-hospitaal in Ga-Rankuwa vervoer vir X-straalondersoeke en skanderings. “Hy is twee keer na Ga-Rankuwa geneem om ­geopereer te word, maar moes elke keer weer terug Koster toe omdat die dokters in Ga-Rankuwa gestaak het.”

Volgens Bruyns het Johan erge pyn verduur wanneer hy so vervoer is. “Soms het hy gehuil van die seer.”

Sandra sê as die familie haar seun nie self in Klerksdorp laat opneem het nie, sou hy waarskynlik weer en weer vergeefs na Ga-Rankuwa geneem geword het.

Tebogo Lekgethwane, woordvoerder van Noordwes se departement van gesondheid, sê dokters by die Ga-Rankuwa-hospitaal het by navraag nie redes gegee hoekom Johan telkens na Koster teruggestuur is nie.

“Volgens die dokter in wie se sorg hy (in Rustenburg en Koster) was, het hy die regte behandeling gekry en is volgens beleid opgetree.”

Lekgethwane het geen verdere besonderhede of kommentaar gegee nie.


Patient shares his nightmare at provincial hospital

Wessie van der Westhuizen claims that ward M at the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital is a death sentence for patients.
Wessie van der Westhuizen claims that ward M at the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital is a death sentence for patients.

Wessie van der Westhuizen (66) from Roodepoort smallholdings was admitted to the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital after he suffered a stroke that left him paralysed on the left side, and he says your worst nightmare could not compare to the horrible service in the hospital’s ward M.

“Patients suffer in ward M. The personnel are unbearably rude and do not care for the patients. When we called them they ignored us, especially at night. They shouted at us and told us we were a nuisance to them, because they wanted to sleep and we were making a noise. I am left handed and my left side is completely paralysed after the stroke, so I can do nothing for myself. They would bring my food to me but refused to feed me, and I would go hungry.

“Before discharging myself from the hospital on Tuesday, I fell off the bed. I called for help, but no one came. I managed to get hold of something on the floor and banged it against the window. Only then did the nurse come to help me,” Van der Westhuizen said.

He added that after the nurse helped him from the floor onto the bed, the hospital personnel tied his foot to the bed with a belt so he did not fall off again. “My ankle is still blue where they tied my foot.”

Still no help from the personnel

On Monday night another patient in the room where I slept got sick. He was making strange noises and was in a lot of pain. Me and the other patients in the room called for the nurses to come and help, but no one came. Later the man went quiet and lay still. I could not move to see if he was still alive,” Van der Westhuizen said.

According to Van der Westhuizen, ward M is a death sentence for any patient, and the Department of Health must address the lack of discipline and dedication among the personnel in ward M before patients die.

The Spokesperson for the Department of Health, Macks Lesufi, was not available to give comment on the matter. Calls to Lesufi’s cell phone were answered by someone else on his behalf. The person told Review Lesufi was in meetings.

Review will publish Lesufi’s comment on the matter once it has been received.


#BringBackTheWhitePeople: 96 percent of all the so-named 'White" South Africans are barred from the job-market in South Africa under the ANC's more than 115 anti-white racelaws. Afrikaner children, children, pensioners and adults suffer from this deliberate policy of barring their wage-earners from jobs, and many of these families hide themselves away in tiny squatter camps in South Africa. They have no right to work, no rights to earning an income and no rights to get food-aid from charities: we are in desperate need of donations for food, vegetables, clothing, baby clothes, medicine, blankets and tents. The ANC government does not help: in fact the ANC-regime has also made laws which prohibit private and public charities and donor-charities from helping whites If they do, the ANC will cancel their non-profit registration with the government. More than 15-million black poor people get help from the government and from private charities in South Africa. But only very few charities dare to donate to help these Afrikaner squatters because of their fear of this law. Foreign charities and private donors are free to chose where they can send their money and their aid in South Africa This is a very desperate situation please help. We need assistance