January 12, 2016

#FarmAttack: Video: Update: Unlawful Arrest: Afrikaners farmers in Parys: state has got no evidence against them

Cry for the Beloved Country

Despite the fact that South African farmers (Afrikaner boers) suffer under the highest violent death-rate of any profession in the world at the hands of brutal criminals, ANC officials have the gall to say, "there are no farm-murders in South Africa"! Take note of the names of these genocide-deniers, for a future tribunal...~ Bulala by Cuan Elgin

#FarmAttack Afrikaner farmers in jail for defending Afrikaner farmer from 2 black attackers #StopWhiteGenocideInSA

Farmer attacked in Parys. Two savages taken out by 40 farmers

Last Wednesday, two black men, Samuel Tjexa, 35 and Seun Tangasha [believed to be] 28 or 29 years old trespassed on the farm “Biesiesbult” of Loedie van der Westhuizen (72) a white widower who lives alone. They put a gun against the back of his head and demanded R20,000 from him. Apparently they had information about a large sum of money in a safe on the farm. Apparently Tjexa used to work for Loedie’s son and knew the old man. 

He started to wrestle with one attacker, but was pistol whipped against the temple. Blood streamed from the wound. Fortunately he managed to press the panic button in the hallway and between 40 and 60 farmers in the district came to his rescue. The two attackers fled through the wheat fields where the farmers caught up with them and assaulted them. 

When the police took the two bastards away, they were still alive, but later died in hospital. 

The police arrested four farmers, including Loedie’s own son Gert “Boeta” van der Westhuizen and charged them with murder. 

A family member said that the farmers in the area live in constant fear of their lives. 

Several farmers and their loved ones have been brutally murdered in the area. In 2013, Annatjie van Rooyen (76) was locked in her refrigerator where she suffocated to death. Her husband Ernst (77), was also murdered. 

In 2010 the 40 year old farmer, Johan Strydom was killed with an iron bar and towed behind his own Mazda pickup truck. 

The irony here is how the ANC’s mouthpiece, the New Age newspaper, owned by Zuma’s friends the Guptas, are portraying the two bastards as innocent farm workers killed by racist white farmers and trying to link it to racist comments on social media. 

The fact that it was a racist attack by two blacks on a white farmer is not mentioned. Of course not. According to the SA media farm attacks by blacks on whites are NEVER racially motivated. It is just ordinary crime. 

But let those farmers just defend themselves or each other, then it is a racist attack on innocent blacks. 

Personally I am not one for vigilantism, but you do have the right to defend yourself and your loved ones and in the absence of police action to curb the spate of farm attacks and the government’s ongoing refusal to do something about it, I fully support these farmers who went on the offensive and dealt with these two bastards “op die boere manier” . 

I am sorry, but if you put a gun against an innocent person’s head, you should not complain when you get the shit kicked out of you by his son and his mates. 

I have always maintained...There is only one way to stop farm murders. Fight back!! These guys did the right thing. I salute each and every one who came to the help of Loedie van der Westhuizen and took out these two bastards. The world is a better place today. 

I am glad they all got bail. There is no evidence against them. When the police arrived, most of the farmers drove away. The ones arrested were the ones who stayed. There is nothing that link them to the attack on the bastards. 

At the bail hearing the police had their hands full to keep the farmers, the EFF and the ANC apart. A black guy threw a bottle and hit a white woman in her face. The farmers started throwing back and sang the old National anthem “Die Stem” and waved the flag of the Boer Republic of the ZAR, the Vierkleur. 

Well done, manne. Staan saam . Fight back. Put the fear of God into these savages. Only then will you have peace.

● "There are no farm attacks in South Africa' - ANC spokesman Oupa Magadlela in Parys, Free State: Update: 11am 12 January 2016 -- Parys magistrate's court: 

During the bail application of four Afrikaner farmers, a speech was held outside the court by Oupa Magadlela, a spokesman for the ruling African National Congress who told a black-racist hatespeech chanting crowd who sang 'Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer' that "a farm attack cannot be seen as the motive for the two murdered (black) men's visit to farmer Loedie van der Westhuizen (73)'s farm because there
are no such events as 'farm attacks' in the Free State or in the whole of South Africa'. 
The bail-application was held amidst a high level of racial tension between the members of the African National Congress, the Economic Freedom Front on the one side, and a large group of about 100 Afrikaner farmers carrying Vierkleur flags on the other side. "most were dressed in khaki' it was reported... (as if that's an offense)....
The four arrested farmers, identified as Johan Cilliers seniior and junior, Anton Loggenberg and the son of the attacked farmer, Boeta van der Westhuizen 
"We have no such 'farm attacks' in the Free State. We are a very democratic province and we live together - black and white'. 
Although the man was not present at the crime-scene when the ambush against farmer Loedie van der Westhuizen took place, he took it upon himself to claim that
"there was no way that someone could show up at 09h00 on the farm where they work without not hiding their identity and without weapons where other people could have
seen them - so it's a lie that this was a farm attack. He waffled on about the 'Rainbow Nation not having farm attacks and 
he said the four farmers are in court 'because two black people were murdered by two white farmers'. "Instead of paying out their salaries, they decided to take the law into their own hands'.
twee swart mense is wat deur wit boere vermoor is.
Before the court-proceedings started, tension was growing in the surrounding streets: The chants of "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer' were shouted after 'groups of people with Vierkleur flags and most dressed in khaki (?) 
sang 'Die Stem', the old anthem of the previous administration. 
The ANC members screamed and shouted: 'Julle moer, Boere and 'We Are Not Monkeys'...
One (white) man who refused to identify himself said it was their 'good right to be outside the law courts with Vierkleur flags, 'and if anybody has a problem with those flags,
it's more a reaction of those people "who have trouble with the idea of democracy'. 
Just after 11am the police drove up with a watercanon, two vehicles with razor wire and a heavy police presence.
There were three groups of demonstrators: the African National Congress, the Economic Freedom Front on the one side, and the 'people with the Vierkleur flags' on the other side.
Earlier more than 100 Afrikaner farmers had held a prayer-service at the Parys airport before they moved to the streets around the law-court.
The prayer service was held to calm down the Afrikaner farmers, it was said. Only a few people were allowed inside the courtroom itself. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=817118218434907&id=100004102094863&fs=4

Video: Black-racist hatespeech against whites outside Parys magistrate's court: bail application of 4 Afrikaner farmers: --

Report: Four white farmers in court for bail application: they were arrested, held in police-cells over the weekend, & denied bail last week for defending Afrikaner farmer Loedie van der Westhuizen, 73 from two black farm attackers

● Kommandokorps:
Duidelik n politiese opsweep aksie....
Polisie staan met hul rug na eff en skulde na paar boere...
Dit spreek boek deele...
Die boer is die agressor en res is onskuldig.....

● DaniĆ«lla van Heerden (@DanniTwiet) tweeted at 3:52 PM on Tue, Jan 12, 2016:
So @_Bonga deleted his tweet claiming there will be deaths tonight.
Luckily I made a screen grab: 

● Tensions high in Parys as farmers appear for killing attackers 


● Farmers  unlawfully arrested for defending Afrikaner farmer from 2 black attackers in parys: state has got no evidence against them


#FarmAttack: Update: Afrikaner farmers in police-custody & denied bail for defending Afrikaner farmer Lodie van der Westhuizen from 2 black attackers