January 30, 2016

#FarmAttack: Afrikaner families fight back in towns and on farms: shots fired in self-defence in suburb Lindhaven, Roodepoort and on Piet Plessis farm, Malopo both on 30 January 2016- Saturday:


■ plaasaanval: skote afgevuur: "... Piet Plessis (Malopo-area) - Hannes Löttering skryf: "[30/01 18:04] Ryno: Nou net n plaasaanval hier by ons Piet Plessies. Naby Kadebis. Skote is afgevuur by die tannie hulle se huis. Ek laat weet maar net julle is net so uitgelewer soos ons klein plekkies 
[30/01 18:04] Ryno: PIET PLESSIS TERUGVOER: Goeie nuus - die silver kar wat voorgekeer was is gevang en is skuldig. Hulle blou overall klere is gevind waar hulle dit by vensters uitgegooi het. Knap gedaan boere!"

Afrikaner families fight back against black attackers in towns and on farms on 30 Jan 2016: shots fired in self-defence in suburb Lindhaven, Roodepoort and on Piet Plessis farm near Malopo: attack-gangs chased off:

Roodepoort resident fires two shots, scares off two b.m assaillants of daughter Harriet, 21 -- Also shots fired at Piet Plessis: farm attack thwarted 

Journalist Riaan van Zyl at the Roodepoort Record writes: 30 January 2016:
"Lindhaven (Roodepoort) resident Phillip Malan who stays in Von Wielligh Street, has a stern warning for residents to not use the same routines every day - - after an attempted attack on his daughter Harriet, 21, this morning: 
As a routine, his 21-year-old daughter Harriet leaves for gym every morning at 5am. Although he insisted she goes later she continued leaving at this time.
"Today, as she got into her vehicle and pulled out of the driveway, her vehicle was suddenly flanked by two *black) men - one with a homemade knife.
She started hooting her motorcar horn - and her mother screamed when she realised what was happening. "Dad Malan grabbed his revolver and fired two warning shots which caused the suspects to flee. One of the men dropped a handmade knife. “I beg with my neighbours to be careful. Change your routines because I believe these criminals have been watching her for a long time. I am just thankful God protected my child,” said Malan.