January 1, 2016

#ATTACK: Tzaneen resident fires shots in self-defence: Black attackers tried to strangle him with wire

Tzaneen resident fires shots at suspects who tried to strangle him with wire: 
30 December 2015 Aqua park and Premier park. Early this morning a house owner in Pearlman street heard footsteps outside his house. He went outside with his firearm to investigate. 
While walking towards his vehicle two suspects attacked him from the back, they put a wire around his neck and wanted to overpower him. 
He managed to shoot 3 warning shots where after the suspects fled empty handed. The victim sustained minor injuries and we are thankful that he and his family are not seriously harmed. 

Two nights ago there were two House break-ins in Aquapark. One in Boetlombard street and one in Pikkie kemp street. We are having numerous break ins in our your area where the suspects gain entry by using a bolt cutter. Please be alert and report any problems that might occur during the night. Please remember to close windows and doors. Ensure you tighten the window screws. Ensure outside lights are working and that your yard is clear of overgrown bushes to eliminate hiding spots. Never leave lights on where curtains are left open, you are displaying your movements and valuables to every by-passer. Ensure gates leading to your yard is locked and that all valuables are taken out of your vehicle. Please ensure your house is clearly marked and that your response company is having access to your premises. Report any suspicious or criminal activities. Have a wonderful and blessed crime free night. Stay safe and always be alert https://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/reports/view/4040