January 2, 2016

ATTACK: Police fail: Two of 3 black male attackers captured by Louis Trichardt citizens-patrol: police allows them to flee

Police fail: Two of 3 black male attackers captured by Louis Trichardt citizens-patrol during attack on Afrikaner family: police lets them get away

-- -- report by Theuns Ferreira, the son of a couple attacked in Louis Trichardt on 30 December 2015. He posted six pictures n his facebook page: the two captured attackers ( tied up in the living room of the attacked home) a bloodied shirt; and the ransacked house.
He wrote (in Afrikaans) :
December 31, 2015 at 10:45am · "So after spending a pleasant evening together, we get these dogs' children in our house. And then (after the citizens' patrol captured them), the South African Police Services then let them get away. 'Thank you' for your help SAPS!
-- Ferreira writes: "We do however want to the Citizens Patrol for their help and assistance." Posting the pictures they had taken of the captured black males before the police let them flee, he writes:
"Please people -- keep a lookout for these thugs - they like to hurt old people. They operate in a group of three and one of them now has a head injury."...
Summary: The alerted Louis Trichardt citizens-patrol captured two of the three black attackers of the elderly couple inside their home.The citizens tied the two blacks up and waited for the police. One had a head-wound. And when the police took the two men outside, the two black men 'somehow got away'.
All six pictures are published on Theuns Ferreira's facebook page