January 16, 2016

#ATTACK: Black attacker held for trying to rob pastor Trevor Buckland

Suspect was arrested after he attempted to rob a pastor at an ATM in Francis Baard Street on Friday morning
Police K9 unit response vehicle.  Photo: stock image/ Gopolang Chawane

A man was arrested after he and an accomplice tried to rob a pastor in central Pretoria on Friday morning.

Pastor Trevor Buckland said he made his way to an ATM on the corner of Francis Baard and Paul Kruger streets around 09:45.

As he neared the ATM, he noticed a neatly-dressed man standing a few metres from the ATM. He assumed this was a security guard

Buckland said as he was about to make his transaction, the man and an accomplice moved closer.

“The two men surrounded me,” he said.

The pastor said he shouted at them, saying he did not need any help.

He immediately cancelled his transaction and kept on making a noise.

Buckland said the neatly-dressed robber insisted he was a security guard only trying to help.

The pastor raised his voice again and one of the men ran away.

“The other one stayed, but I knew something was off,” Buckland said.

The would-be robber walked away, apparently upon realising he was making no headway.

The pastor, said he promptly notified Tshwane metro police who had officers not far from the ATM.

He showed them where the robber had disappeared, and they arrested the man.

“We went to the central police station with the officers and the man was put behind bars,” said Buckland, adding the culprit had apologised for trying to rob him. http://rekordmoot.co.za/62325/man-held-for-trying-to-rob-pastor/