January 29, 2016

#ATTACK: Afrikaner woman, Marie Pretorius (63) was taken to hospital after being attacked by blacks at her home

Marie Pretorius was attacked at her home and punched in the chest.
Marie Pretorius was attacked at her home and punched in the chest.

Elderly woman punched in chest by attackers

A 63-year-old woman was attacked at her home yesterday (28 January) afternoon and has left her battling to breathe.

When the News arrived at Marie Pretorius’ home in Dan Pienaarville, she was still in shock, but thankfully being aided by Sector 3’s Community Policing Forum First Aid Responders.

“It happened at just before 1pm,” she said, fighting to breathe.

“Two men in blue overalls jumped the wall connected with Robert Broom Drive after they dismantled the wired fencing. I heard a racket and thought it was a family member. So I went outside.”

The men saw Marie and, with their fingers held over their mouths, indicated to her that she should keep quiet.

“They grabbed me, blocked my eyes and mouth. But I grabbed hold of his pinkie finger and twisted it,” she said.

Marie finally was able to let out a scream and alerted the three other residents on the property. The men, after taking Marie’s jewelery, ran off.

This is where the two attackers dismantled the electric frencing.

“It looked like they had springs in their shoes. They flew over the wall!”

During the struggle, Marie, who weighs 35 kilograms, was hit with a fist on her chest. Her hands and fingers also were bloodied when the attackers forced the jewelery off her hands.

The Sector 3 members alerted the police and called for an ambulance which took the fragile Marie to hospital.