January 28, 2016

ANOTHER #MURDER: Off-duty Afrikaner cop shot and killed by black terrorists while he was fishing at the Aston Lake. Firearm and vehicle taken



Coert Jordaan of the EMPD was gunned down today and his service pistol and vehicle taken. We have lost another member to the criminals. Enough is enough. Must we just accept these acts because NO1 comunes with them? No enough is enough



Empd Member shot and killed last night in springs gauteng. Firearm and vehicle taken.

Here is a message from Maj. Coert Jordaan's long time Friend.

Beddy Time Dedications

Tonight I dedicate my post to a beautiful kind loving soul..
Tribute to a True Hero...
Major Coert Jordaan

I calculate 19 years of friendship. ..
I still remember u giving me Whisky and Brandy..my first two huskies .. and coming to my house when I was hysterical when she went into labour, u laughed at me and thought I was crazy for calling the ambulance to deliver a puppy!!!! U wouldnt stop laughing at me! U always laughed at me. U said I was the craziest Indian u eva met!!

The first time I ate fondue was at ur home in Brakpan...And u spent all afternoon chopping those veges

When my dogs got stolen, I booked off from work and was sick for almost a week. And not even 3 months later u came with a brand new set of dogs to cheer me up.
Every time u spoke to me, u always asked how was Gizmo.. and Gizmo is still going strong to this very day. He outlived so many people, even my neighbours; and sadly now, even you

Everytime I make chicken soup, I'll always remember it was ur favourite. U always did appreciate my cooking; even during the riots when I brought u food, u were so extremely grateful and appreciative...
Even after all these years every project i asked for help, u never refused.
Every riot and disaster u kept me informed when u were on scene. ..
U always took the time to call and ask if u cld deploy members to assist everytime someone went Missing or if our Community had a crisis; u never stopped being amazing!

My dear wonderful friend, I'm in tears tonight...
Words fail me.
All I feel is anger and outrage; and an overwhelming sense of loss.

It was a blessing and a privilege knowing u.
U were one of the Best.
U did ur job with Pride.
U lead ur unit with Charisma and Determination, the true epitome of a Great and Brilliant Leader; and still u remained humble and gentle, always smiling, always respectful...
From back to the days of Benoni Traffic Department, u never changed when it came to being a kind soul.

Rest in Peace my dear friend.
The Equestrian Unit will never be the same without u



EMPD lid langs viswater vermoor

Jordaan was met verlof en het, volgens inligting, by Ashton Lake in Springs visgevang.

Vriende was gister by hom, maar het later vertrek en hy was alleen.

Hy is volgens inligting geskiet. Sy voertuig en ‘n vuurwapen is ook gesteel.

Jordaan, wat ‘n inwoner van Brakpan was, was ‘n passievolle wetstoepasser wat sy werk daagliks met groot toewyding aangepak het.

Meer inlgting sal later volg.


JOHANNESBURG - Police are questioning a number of witnesses after an off-duty Ekurhuleni Metro Police officer was killed.

Forty-year-old Coert Jordaan was fishing at the Aston Lake on the East Rand on Wednesday when he was attacked by armed robbers.

They stole his private vehicle and cellphone.

The police's Lungelo Dlamini says, “Police have launched a manhunt for the suspects. He was found yesterday, lying on the grass. It’s unknown exactly what happened.