December 29, 2015

Survive #FarmAttack: Louis Potgieter (injured in hospital) wife Susan badly traumatised

Afrikaner farmer Louis Potgieter shot at (the shots missed) but he's with stabbing wounds in hospital - and his wife Susan was found wandering around in a severely traumatised state: Farm attack near Leeuwkuil, Pietersburg: 


28 December 2015 between 02h30 - 03h00 am: Farm-couple Louis and Susan Potgieter were shot at (shots missed) and he was repeatedly stabbed by an unknown group of farm attackers.
Di-Di Nel of Pietersburg wrote on Boere Krisis Aksie's facebook page: "Mr Louis Potgieter was admitted to the Pietersburg provincial hospital. Mrs Susan Potgieter was not admitted but remains 'very traumatised'. The couple were unable to call for help because their cellphones were stolen. Di-Di Nel wrote that they had gone to the farm to investigate reports of trouble and had found Mrs Susan Potgieter wandering around on the farm at around 11am and took her to the Westenburg station commander where help was mobilised very rapidly. The South African Police are investigating the attack. Awaiting more details. 28 December 2015.