December 29, 2015

#FarmAttack: Afrikaner smallholders Hennie and Cornelius Matthee; shot, stabbed and bitten by five black attackers: one captured

Two Afrikaner smallholders injured on Dinie Estate AH near Rustenburg: one Afrikaner remains in serious condition in hospital:
Pictures: Five black men -- one with a police-issue automatic assault carbine -- have shot, stabbed and bit two Afrikaner men on a smallholding near Rustenburg Tuesday 29 2015 at
about 03h26 am: One black man was captured, the assault-carbine was recovered as were looted goods. Four of the black men managed to flee:

Mr Chris Lombard reports at 3:26am on Tuesday, 12/29/2015 that their Farm-Watch has captured one of the five black gunmen who had shot and stabbed Mr Hennie Matthee, and 
had shot Cornelius Matthee on the Dinie Estate smallholdings near Rustenburg (one of the injured men also had a piece of flesh bitten off from his arm and thumb)
. One (SA police-issue) automatic attack carbine was captured, and looted goods were recovered.
29 Dec 2015: Daughter-in-law Mrs Lizelle Engelbrecht Matthee writes later on Boere Krisis Aksie on 29 December 2015:
"My father-in-law was discharged (from hospital) after treatment of the bite-marks on his thumb and also where a piece of his arm was bitten away (by the attacker).
My brother-in-law is still in the intensive care unit of the hospital (Rustenburg): He was shot three times: two bullets went straight through his body and one bullet remains lodged in one of his shoulder blades.
This bullet first has to 'move before they can operate on it', she wrote. He was stabbed 6 times with a knife: one stab reached the lung and they are now draining the blood from this lung.
All the other wounds have been stitched up and he remains under sedation."