November 1, 2015

#MURDER ??? #HospitalGenocide: Afrikaner Kleynhans baby dies after doctor refused a C-section at ANC government hospital

Baby dies after doctor refused a C-section
Alwyn Kleynhans mourns the death of his unborn child with his daughter Christell and son Tinus.
NATIONAL NEWS - Alwyn Kleynhans was to become a proud father to his new-born baby soon, but that changed in a matter of hours. This after his eight-months pregnant wife was admitted to Leratong Hospital with severe cramps.

Kleynhans recalled feeling their unborn baby kicking the night before his wife, Martonette, had to be rushed to hospital on 26 October at around 10am.

“You tell that little baby it’s too young to kick daddy’s butt,” he said to his wife the previous night.
Hours later Kleynhans received the message that the sonar the doctor had taken revealed their unborn baby had died in his wife’s womb.
During Martonette’s pregnancy the couple consulted a doctor at a Potchefstroom hospital who gave them a letter of referral. It stated she required a Caesarean section and a hysterectomy as she has had six miscarriages in the past and a natural birth would be too complicated and hard on her body.