November 6, 2015

#MURDER: Body of a WHITE MALE found seated in a vehicle with a plastic bag over his head & duct tape over his face

Unidentified Body Recovered: Verulam - Kwazulu Natal
*Pictures not for the sensitive.

The body of an unidentified white male has been recovered by members of Reaction Unit South Africa at approx 05:45 this morning after Reaction Officers responded to a callout of a suspicious motor vehicle.

A passerby contacted the RUSA Operations Center in Verulam & reported a suspicious grey Audi parked near a banana plantation in Mount Moreland. Reaction Officers responded to the callout on a dirt road & found a grey Audi motor vehicle with a GP Registration. Reaction Officers found a body of a white male seated in the drivers seat. A plastic bag was found over his head & his face was duct taped several times. A roll of duct tape was found hanging from his head.
RUSA Paramedics confirmed that the white male was deceased. Vehicle registration check are currently been conducted to confirm his identity.
Anyone with information to contact Reaction Unit South Africa on 0861234333 or the South African Police on 10111.

Reaction Unit South Africa :