November 6, 2015

#ATTACK: Westdene resident hospitalised after being attacked with a chair by black attackers in his house

This attack happened just two days after a Westdene businessman, Guillaume Rossouw was attacked with an axe on his premises in the early morning of 1 November

A Westdene resident hospitalised after being attacked with a chair by criminals.
Photo supplied: Westdene Johannesburg Crow Facebook.
Photo supplied: Westdene Johannesburg Crow Facebook.

A Westdene man hospitalised after attack

A resident has been hospitalised after being badly assaulted by criminals in his home at about 6pm on 4 November.

The man who resides along 2nd Avenue was in his garden when he was attacked by two unknown men.

Police confirmed that two men were involved in the crime.

The Sophiatown Police spokesperson Warrant Officer TJ de Bruyn said cases of housebreaking and robbery have been opened.

WO De Bruyn confirmed that they are investigating the case.

According to the police the victim was forcefully taken from his yard to his house where he was robbed.

“So far we have no suspects in this case,” said WO De Bruyn.

Frikkie Botes of Westdene Johannesburg Crow said he received a call from a neighbour across the street, informing him about the incident and he posted it on the community Whatsapp group.

Botes said two men on foot allegedly entered the victim’s premises and attacked him with a chair.

He added that they took his cellphone and wallet.

Botes said the victim had a gash on his head and left elbow was bleeding and his wallet was found on the street.

“Please be alert at all times and never leave your gates open, even if you are working outside. The criminals are always walking in the streets looking for easy targets,” advised Botes.


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