November 3, 2015

#ATTACK: Video: Afrikaner female teachers apprehend black burglar after they found him sleeping at the crèche

Two teachers at Beyers Bytjies kleuterskool in Danville detained a criminal after they found him sleeping in one of the classrooms
Hettie Schutte and Maritza Scherie

Two teachers saved the day at Beyers Bytjies kleuterskool in Danville after they detained an alleged burglar.

Maritza Scherie and Lucky Masango on Tuesday morning restrained a burglar wielding a hammer after they found him sleeping in one of the classrooms at the crèche.

Masango, who worked and lived on the premises, said she woke up on Tuesday and, as she always did, checked outside when she noticed something was amiss.

“I called the principal, and teacher Hettie [Schutte] when I realised there had been a break-in at the crèche. It was then that teacher Maritza walked in to report that there had been a burglary,” she said.

The two women decided to do a security check around the campus.

“The locks to the two wooden huts had been broken, and at the back, a man was found sleeping on the table.”

Masango kept an eye on the man while Scherie went to call for help.

But while she was on the phone, she noticed the man running in the yard, with a hammer in his hand.

“I thought to myself ‘I am not letting this man get away’. I tackled him to the ground but he broke free. I tackled him again. Teacher Hettie came [to help me] and we took the man to the storeroom,” explained Scherie.

She said police were at the crèche in minutes.

Scherie said while tackling the man, she had not thought of her safety, but rather just about protecting the children that were already at the crèche.

Schutte said they really appreciated the CPF, police and parents’ help.

“The police and CPF really reacted quickly,” Shutte said.