October 21, 2015

Video: It's a war zone in South Africa. CCTV footage from an active gold mine shows, gangs armed with automatic rifles brazenly taken over a shaft. The guns come out above and below ground and they are fighting to kill!

The illegal gold fuelling gang battles in South Africa

The South African city of Johannesburg was built on enormous gold reef. Today, many of the mines have closed, but criminal gangs continue to work the disused and abandoned tunnels.
It is dangerous and often deadly, and as well as digging in the disused mines, heavily armed gangs also steal gold from the remaining working shafts.


Zama Zama's stealing our gold to fund terrorists

By Mike Smith

2nd of November 2015

Just the other day Julius Malema told American Big Business that The EFF will nationalize mines and land when they come to power …and passed on his veiled threat again… ” Whites would not be driven into the sea and property would not be destroyed”, he said. 

Well their supporters are already in control of the mines, where the police are too scared to go and when they do it is only to pick up the dead bodies. South Africa must have the only police force in the world with a specialized unit called the “Illegal Mining Task Force”. 

There are between 8 000 and 30 000 illegal miners in the country, according to the South African Human Rights Commission. 

Don’t make the mistake that these are small time miners. These are organized syndicates. Last year it was revealed that at one mine alone (Sibanye Gold Mine in Carletonville) they stole R2 billion worth of gold in one year. 

There have been running gun battles underground between such miners, security personnel and police. “The gold-smuggling syndicates are highly organised, dangerous and well resourced,” says Mines Minister Susan Shabangu, pointing out gangs working illegally underground at Barberton openly carry AK-47 automatic rifles and that clashes with police and security personnel are becoming more frequent. 

“Legal mineworkers have been abducted at Barberton and used as human shields in confrontations with police. In Welkom, booby traps have been set for the police and security personnel using explosives,” she says. The battle with illegal miners 

At the African Mine Security Summit in April Neil Metzer, the security coordinator of the South African Chamber of Mines, revealed that in 2013 illegal mining had cost the economy nearly R8-billion in revenue. 

The Asset Forfeiture Unit was working with police to freeze and seize the suspects' assets, Hawks spokesman Captain Paul Ramaloko said. 

"These men have been living lavish lifestyles. On the mines they live in hostels, but at their homes in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, they have farms, luxury houses and cars and cattle . amazing assets." The great Gold rip-off

But how deep does the rabbit hole go. Jan Nelson, CEO of Pan African Resources revealed that this is nothing but a money laundering scheme being investigated by Interpol and the UN, because this criminal mining is financing international terrorists and human trafficking. 

Hey...They are stealing our wealth to fund terrorists and human trafficking and our illustrious police just look on.