October 30, 2015

#ATTACK: Racist black on white attack! WATCH: Gauteng cop shoves motorist during roadside altercation | News24

WARNING: Video contains strong language. 
Video footage has been uploaded to Facebook by an irate motorist who was shoved by a Gauteng Traffic Police officer.
The video was uploaded by David Du Toit who said the incident took place at the N4 Bakwena/N1 South interchange.
The incident took place on Friday morning.
Du Toit provided News24 with this image, saying he sustained the injury during the altercation:
Speaking to News24, Du Toit said his wife was filming an accident on the roadside when the officer approached their vehicle and banged on their bonnet.
"We did nothing wrong, we had nowhere to go," Du Toit said. 
"He verbally abused me; I am still not quite sure what he was fighting about. I was just following the traffic. He just started to attack me physically and verbally."
News24 has reached out to Gauteng Traffic Police for comment.