September 13, 2015

#HospitalGenocide Update: Abusive ‪#‎SouthAfrican‬ hospital staff humilates, grossly neglects ‪#‎Afrikaner‬woman Maria Schuller, 85

“Mom (85) with broken hip, were left to lie in her own feces in a South African Hospital From Hell. Lucky to come out alive, she was abused and injured by black personnel while waiting 3 weeks for broken hip to be operated on. She was discharged only 3 days after the operation with an injured arm, infected leg and bed sores. WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU IN SA IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MEDICAL AID ?(and sometimes even if you do!)
Our worst nightmare has come true. The public needs to be told of what can happen to them if they are not on medical aid and find themselves in a government hospital. The tragic condition my mother finds herself  in after been discharged from hospital for going in for a hip operation and coming out with severe injuries. Please read my plea of help if there is anyone out there who can help my mom.
My 85 year old mother had an accident on the 2 of August this year (2015) – fell and broke her hip. She is not on a medical aid – and was admitted to Johannesburg Hospital /Charlotte Maxeke hospital. She was in hospital for 3 weeks – lying on her back before they operated on her. 3 Days after her operation they discharged her.
Whilst she was in hospital I was only allowed to visit her during visiting hours (3-5 pm). The contact with the doctors was very difficult as they did their rounds in the morning. I had to deal with black nurses on duty who were not interested with my constant plea of help with my mother. The care my mom got from the nursing staff was shocking and their attitudes towards their jobs were also shocking. Several times I would arrive to visit my mom and she would be lying in her own feces and urine.
Many times I would find her lying naked with her breast exposed. She was unable to eat herself and found that she had not been fed the entire day. She was always in pain and I felt so helpless on how to help her and became a constant irritation to the nurses with my constant begging to just clean and feed her. Her basic needs were not met.

She was admitted with a broken hip only – and after one week of being in hospital lying on her back (unable to move) her right arm doubled in size and went purple. They could not tell me why this injury accrued whilst under their care. We suspect that they struck  a nerve whilst trying to take blood samples.
After her hip operation I was shocked that they could discharge her only 3 days after major surgery (she spent 2 of those days in ICU). I had to hire a private ambulance as she was unable to move to transport her to a frail care center that could help with her recovery. The other patients in the ward told me that it was a blessing they were discharging her as they could not bear my mother’s cries because of the way the nurses abused her all the time. When I arrived the day she was discharged- so I could be there when the private ambulance arrived to transport her,-  I found her lying in her own feces again. Her teeth were not brushed in all the time she was there. I asked them to please bath her. She cried on the top of her lungs PLEASE STOP HURTING ME whilst they were cleaning her. This haunts me, the rough handling on a injured elderly patient is disgraceful.
When she arrived at the frail care center the matron informed me of my mom’s severe injuries. Whilst in their care my mom had developed bed sores around her buttocks / bottom back area. She also sustained injury to right arm and is limp and she is not able to have any use of her arm. Her right leg was covered in terrible sores from the traction. The hospital staff did not even inform me of any of these injuries when she was discharged.
She was supposed to be taken care of and had a hip operation but was sent home with an injured arm, infected leg and bed sores. I do not want to send my mom back to the hospital now as I cannot put her through this again but I also do not have the money to send her for private care. Is there anyone out there who can help with her bedsore wound or give me advise?
The Public have the right to know what can happen to them if they find themselves confined to bed in a South African government hospital. Is it not a human’s right to get basic care whilst in a hospital? Please see photos attached of my mom’s injured arm, leg and buttocks.”


#HospitalGenocide: Attack: Video: Abusive ‪#‎SouthAfrican‬ hospital staff humilates, grossly neglects ‪#‎Afrikaner‬woman Maria Schuller, 85

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