September 29, 2015

#ATTACK: White motorist survives brutal attack by 3 armed black killers

Three attacked....one armed with a firearm and another with a brick
“He was screaming from outside: ‘you f*&kin^ white bastard, if you do not open the door we are going to shoot you’,”

White man does not blame motorists for not coming to his aid after two black attackers attacked him at the busy intersection of Main Reef and Main Reef roads on September 24

*Charles said he was travelling on the road when he stopped at a red robot at 9.30pm.

The man is one of several victims who have been targeted in the area.

Speaking to the City Times, Charles said he was returning home to Brakpan from his place of work in Northmead.

He said five black men emerged at the intersection.

Three killers attacked the motorist in the car in front of him, while two (one armed with a firearm and another with a brick) approached his car and demanded him to open the door.

“He was screaming from outside: ‘you f*&kin^ white bastard, if you do not open the door we are going to shoot you’,” he said.

He opened the door and the men stole a laptop and its charger, but left the laptop bag behind.

“I said you can’t take my laptop; it’s my work’s laptop,” he said.

The black killers threatened to take the car and hit him in the head and chest with the brick, which was later left in the laptop’s bag.

Shaken, he drove to his mother’s friend’s house in Brakpan.

Charles said the ordeal, which took about three minutes, did not draw any action from motorists.

“I do not blame them; I would also not get out because there is a high risk that they would shoot you,” he said.

On Friday, last week, the City Times reported online that police were warning the public to be careful after at least three incidents of people being robbed at gunpoint.

Col Martin van Nieuwenhuizen, Benoni SAPS acting station commander, said two motorists were robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday, last week, within an hour of each other.

“The complainant was driving in his car and stopped at the intersection of Snake and New Modder roads,” said Van Nieuwenhuizen.

“A black man approached from the veld, jumped into his car and pointed a handgun at him.”

The criminal ordered the victim to drive to a shack in Apex, where he was robbed.

The robbers threw the keys into the veld, which the victim later found and enabled him to drive away.

In another incident on Wednesday, last week, a man’s car broke down at the same intersection.

“Suddenly three black males approached him from the veld, pointed a gun at him, took his goods and left him tied up in the veld,” said Van Nieuwenhuizen.

The man escaped unhurt.

Van Nieuwenhuizen said two separate incidents of people being robbed at the Danie Taljaard Park were reported in the last two weeks.

Three black gunmen committed the robberies at the park.

*Charles is not his real name. http://benonicitytimes.co.za/230603/motorists-targeted-on-busy-roads-2/