September 19, 2015

#ATTACK: Lambton family attacked by 4 armed black attackers intheir Pieter Rath Avenue home. The woman was grabbed & pulled by the hair.

A Lambton family was attacked and overpowered in their Pieter Rath Avenue home, on Wednesday night.
Pine Pienaar, vice-chairman of the Lambton Klip Sector Four CPF, told the GCN that at about 8pm a call came in on the CPF’s information line from a resident reporting that she had heard a woman screaming and had seen three vehicles racing down the street at high speed.
“The incident was immediately sent to the patrollers’ group and a patroller, who stays in the street and had also heard the screams, responded quickly, also alerting other patrollers who arrived on the scene within minutes,” Pienaar said.
“Upon arrival the patrollers found that four armed men had entered the property by jumping over a high wall, surprising the family.
“It was established that a family member went out to have a cigarette and was sitting outside when she heard what sounded like someone jumping over the property’s wall.
“She went to investigate and was overpowered by one suspect.
“He grabbed her by her hair and pushed her into the house.
“The rest of the gang followed, overpowered the rest of the family and tied them all up.”
The thugs then ransacked the home and loaded household goods into the homeowner’s VW Combi.
They then sped off at high speed, also taking the family’s VW Polo and the silver Audi A4 which they had arrived in.
“The patrollers mobilised quickly.
“The patroller who took charge of the scene immediately contacted the relevant SAPS units and trauma unit to assist, the area was cordoned off until the forensics team could search the area for clues,” Pienaar said.
“One of the patrollers who arrived on the scene established the models of the vehicles and remembered seeing the Polo whilst on his way to the scene. He immediately back-tracked and found the Polo abandoned in Russell Road, Lambton, with the wipers on and the motor still running.
“The VW Combi was found about two hours later in Tsakane, abandoned with all the stolen household items gone.
“No suspects were apprehended.”
On behalf of the Lambton Klip Sector Four CPF and all members of the community, Pienaar thanks the patrollers who kept the crime scene secured until after midnight.
“It is much appreciated and a big thank you must go to the patroller who was first on the scene for doing such a sterling job by supporting and guiding the family and organising the tracking company.
“Well done you handled it brilliantly,” Pienaar said.
The Lambton Klip Sector Four CPF’s information line is 072 193 8496 and residents are urged to report all incidents of crime in the area.
If you want to become a member of the CPF, you can also use the number and a representative will visit you and share the importance and benefits of becoming a member.
“Once again we urge the members/community to be vigilant and pro-active at all times as together we are united,” Pienaar said.