April 21, 2017


Following the Spirit of Truth is love for all people but hating godly wisdom is loving death...
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" WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY SAY ABOUT RACISM?  [Racism is hatred for ANY particular ethnic group; placing every individual person under hatred for that group without seeing any good in, or through any of them.]  God called us all to speak out and stand against all forms of evil – the evil of spiritual, emotional, and physical murder on all levels of life.  "NOT TO SHOW PARTIALITY TO THE WICKED, but to defend the poor and fatherless, and to do justice to ALL those who are afflicted and needy," (Eph. 4:1; Jam. 1:27; Ps. 82:2-4.)  Let us then condemn ALL BAD BEHAVIOR without condemning any ethnic group.  If we desire  a change in the hearts of people, we must love them enough to show them that we live a life of integrity; telling them the truth about everything – especially the Truth of God’s Word, which brings eternal life to the world.  None of us could choose the ethnic group we were born into; it is a gift from the Most High God.  So, let us not justify our own racist motives while exposing the political ideologies and deliberate misconceptions that drive ethnic crimes in this world.  God warned that “he who hates is a murderer, and cannot have eternal life abiding in him,” (1 Jn. 3:15.)  Hatred in all its various forms is a great danger, which we all have to continually guard against.  We are all guilty of hatred in some way or another, and not realizing that hatred is stalking us all to make murderers out of us, places us in a position where we can become just like those we abhor by doing exactly what they do, even if it all began for a very good reason.  God SO loved the WHOLE world, that “He gave His only begotten Son so that WHOEVER believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life, (Jn. 3:16.)  Thus, Jesus bought All true believers “from every tribe, tongue and nation” with His own blood.  Spiritually, in Christ, there “does not exist Jew or Gentile (people from non-Jewish nations,) male or female, slave or free, for [true believers] are ALL ONE [nation] in Him...."
~Renette Vermeulen

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Dictionary of Bible Themes:

The ability to be unbiased towards any one race, class or person. This attitude is demonstrated by God and is to be emulated by the human race.

God is impartial

Dt 10:17 See also 2Ch 19:7
God treats people impartially Mt 5:45 See also Job 25:3Job 34:19Pr 22:2Ro 2:11Eph 6:9
God judges impartially Col 3:25 See also Job 34:11-12Ps 62:12Jer 17:10Ro 2:9-112Co 5:101Pe 1:17Rev 22:12
God does not distinguish between people on the basis of external appearance 1Sa 16:7 See also Ps 147:10-11Jer 9:25Lk 16:15Gal 2:6Rev 2:23
God does not discriminate against different races or classes Ac 10:34-35Gal 3:28 See also Dt 10:18Job 34:19Ac 10:28Ac 15:7-9

The impartiality of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ’s teaching was impartial Lk 20:21 pp Mt 22:16 pp Mk 12:14 See also Mt 20:1-16 a parable of Jesus Christ about divine impartiality
Jesus Christ showed impartiality in his dealings with people Jn 4:9Jesus Christ contravened accepted boundaries of partiality in this encounter. See also Mt 9:10-12 pp Mk 2:15-17 pp Lk 5:29-31Mt 15:22-28 pp Mk 7:26-29Mt 20:20-23 pp Mk 10:35-40

Impartiality commended

Humanity should judge impartiallyPr 24:23-25 See also Ex 18:16Dt 1:17Dt 16:19Dt 24:17Pr 17:15Pr 18:5Mal 2:9

Showing impartiality to all people is commanded

Impartiality to foreigners Ex 22:21See also Ex 23:9Lev 19:33-34Nu 15:15-16Ro 10:12
Impartiality to children Dt 21:15-17
Impartiality to the poor Ex 23:6 See also Ex 23:3Lev 19:15Pr 29:7Jas 2:2-7

Ways to avoid partiality

By not accepting bribes Ex 23:8 See also Job 36:18Pr 15:27Isa 1:23
By not following the crowd Ex 23:2Mk 15:15

Christians should be partial towards spiritual principles

Examples where impartiality is absent

Ge 25:27-28 Isaac and Rebekah to Jacob and Esau; Ge 29:30-32 Jacob to Leah and Rachel; Ge 37:3-4 Jacob to Joseph and his brothers; 1Sa 1:4-6 Elkanah to Hannah and Peninnah

See also

1020God, all-knowing
1075God, justice of
2042Christ, justice of
5448poverty, attitudes to

❌Human #TRADITIONS can be contrary to God’s word and thereby come into CONFLICT with the CHRISTIAN FAITH:

❌Christian unity is greater than nationalism...

❌Jewish exclusiveness overturned

❌ 7025 church, unity and fellowship of:
The church is one in essence, because it is founded on one gospel, united to one Lord and indwelt by one Spirit. Its unity is under constant threat because of the tendency to division that is inherent in fallen humanity, and needs to be continually maintained and actively expressed in fellowship.

❌ 8800 Prejudice:
The Seen mainly in Scripture as a bias against places, peoples and ideas. It is sometimes so firmly rooted as to resist all contrary evidence.

1 Corinthians 1:22-23

Amplified Bible (AMP)

 For Jews demand signs (attesting miracles), and Greeks pursue [worldly] wisdom and philosophy, 23 but we preach Christ crucified, [a message which is] to Jews a stumbling block [that provokes their opposition], and to Gentiles foolishness [just utter nonsense],

❌ The Gentiles may reject the gospel as foolishness:

❌ 8753 favouritism:
The unfair treatment of a person or group in preference to another. Favouritism is shown in Scripture as causing division both in the family and in the church. It is warned against in the administration of justice. The human tendency to partiality is contrasted with God’s impartial dealings.


Israel recognised two general categories of outsiders: those who lived outside Israel, usually referred to as “the nations” or “the Gentiles”, and foreigners resident within Israel’s boundaries. The latter, usually referred to as “aliens”
The conversion of the Gentiles foretold Isa 60:3 See also Ge 22:18Ps 22:27Isa 9:2Hos 2:23
Israel’s mission to the Gentiles was fulfilled in Jesus Christ Ac 13:47See also Isa 49:6Lk 2:32Ac 28:28Ro 11:11Eph 3:6
Jesus Christ calls both Jew and Gentile Jn 10:16 See also Ac 13:47-48Ro 9:24-261Co 1:242Ti 4:17

Israel’s attitude to aliens as outsiders

Aliens are to be treated as members of the people of God Ex 23:9 See also Dt 29:9-15Dt 31:12Jos 8:33-35
Aliens are protected by God Ps 146:9
Aliens must not be oppressed Jer 22:3 See also Jer 7:2-7Eze 22:29Zec 7:9-10
Aliens may share in Israel’s worshipEx 12:17-20,43-49Lev 22:17-19Dt 16:13-15

The Samaritans as outsiders in Israel in NT times

Jn 4:9 By including Samaritans in his ministry, Jesus Christ demonstrated his concern for those who were treated as outsiders by society. See also Lk 10:33Lk 17:16Jn 4:7

Christians are compared to aliens in the world

The witness of believers to outsiders

Examples of alienation Ge 3:7 Man and woman; Ge 4:3-8 Cain and Abel; Ge 27:41 Jacob and Esau; 1Sa 18:8-9 Saul and David; Job 19:13-19 Job and his family and friends; Ps 69:8the psalmist and his family; Jer 12:6Jeremiah and his family; Ac 15:39Paul and Barnabas; Eph 2:12 Jew and Gentile

Overcoming alienation

Being reconciled to God Col 1:22See also Ro 5:112Co 5:18-201Pe 2:25
Reconciliation with others Col 3:13See also Lev 19:18Mt 5:23-24
Examples of reconciliation Ge 33:4Jacob and Esau; Ge 50:19-21Joseph and his brothers; Eph 2:14-16 Jew and Gentile

God’s people are aliens in the world

Responsibility to the alien

God’s concern for the outsider Ps 146:9 See also Dt 10:18Jer 30:17
The example of Jesus Christ Mt 9:10-11 pp Mk 2:15-16 pp Lk 5:29-30 Jesus Christ welcomed those who had been alienated by the rest of society. See also Mt 8:2-3 pp Mk 1:40-42 pp Lk 5:12-13 Jesus Christ touched the “untouchable” man with leprosy; Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34
Equal treatment for the alien Lev 19:34 See also Ex 12:48-49Lev 24:22
Ensuring justice for the alien Dt 24:17 The weaker members of Israelite society are of special concern. See also Ex 22:21Jer 22:3Zec 7:9-10
Special provision for the alien Lev 23:22 God makes special provision for the poor so that they will have a share in the blessings of the land. See also Lev 19:10Dt 24:20Dt 14:28-29 The third year’s tithe is shared with those without inheritance in the land.


❌ 8791 oppression, nature of

Oppression leads to the exploitation of the weak and vulnerable by the strong.

The victims

The weak Ps 12:5 See also Ps 10:2Ecc 4:1Eze 34:4
Widows and orphans Ex 22:22 See also Dt 24:17Job 24:3,9Job 31:21,22Ps 94:5-6Pr 23:10Isa 1:23Jer 7:6Zec 7:10Mal 3:5Mk 12:40

Examples of oppression

Ge 16:6 Sarah oppresses Hagar; Ge 31:39 Laban oppresses Jacob; Ex 1:8-22 the Egyptians oppress Israel; Isa 52:4 the Assyrians oppress Israel

The oppressors’motives

Lust for power Ex 1:10 See also 2Ch 10:142Ch 16:10Pr 28:15

God’s attitude to the oppressor

The experience of oppression

It brings grief and crying to God Ps 42:9 See also Ex 3:7Jdg 2:18Ps 43:2Ps 137:1Ecc 4:1
The example of Jesus Christ Isa 53:7 See also Mt 27:27-31 pp Mk 15:16-20Ac 8:32-35
Following Jesus Christ 1Pe 2:21See also Jn 16:33Ac 14:22-231Th 3:2-42Ti 2:32Ti 3:12

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The command of Jesus Christ to love others as ourselves

See also

8298 love for one another
8405 commands, in NT
8452neighbours, duty to

❎ 5765 attitudes, to other people

5765 attitudes, to other people

Scripture illustrates a range of attitudes towards other people, some of which are commended, while others are condemned.










Eph 5:21 Submission to governing authorities: Ro 13:1,51Pe 2:13Submission of wives to husbands:Eph 5:22-24Col 3:181Ti 2:111Pe 3:1,5-6
Jas 3:171Pe 2:18 submission of slaves to masters; 1Pe 5:5






Lk 6:37 pp Mt 7:1 See also Jn 8:3-7



1Jn 3:15 See also 1Jn 2:9,111Jn 4:20


See also

5897judging others
6655forgiveness, application
8298love for one another

❎  5813 CONCEIT
A state of pride arising out of an overestimation of one’s own ability, possessions or importance.

The definition of conceit

Examples of conceit

In military strength 2Ki 18:33-35See also Ex 15:91Sa 17:42-44
In the power of idols Da 3:15 See also Ac 8:9-10
In personal abilities Mt 26:33 pp Mk 14:29 See also Ge 16:41Ki 20:11Est 5:10-12
In false teaching 1Ti 6:3-4
In possessions Hos 12:8
In intellectual ability Ps 73:7-9
In national status Isa 47:6-8 See also Isa 16:6Jer 48:29

God’s response to conceit

Warnings against conceit

The folly of conceit

The danger of conceit for Christians

Remedies for conceit

Being aware of one’s sin Lk 18:9-14
Being prepared to mix with the lowly Ro 12:16
Considering others as being superior Php 2:3

See also

5764attitudes, negative to God


Scripture defines the identity of neighbours in various ways, and indicates the nature and extent of believers’obligations to them.

Neighbours defined

Those who live nearby Pr 3:29 See also Ex 3:22Ex 12:4Dt 19:142Ki 4:3Pr 27:10Lk 15:4-6
Those of the same race Lev 19:18See also 1Sa 15:27-281Sa 28:171Ch 12:38-40
Peoples of surrounding nations Dt 1:7 See also Jos 9:161Sa 7:14Ezr 9:1Ne 9:30Ne 10:28,31Ps 76:11Eze 16:26
Those who show mercy to people in need Lk 10:29-37
Fellow Christians Eph 4:25 See alsoRo 15:1-2Gal 5:13-16Jas 4:11-12

Duties to neighbours

Assistance Ex 23:4-5 See also Dt 22:1-4Pr 14:21Mt 25:34-40
Fair treatment Ex 22:14 See also Ex 20:17Lev 6:2-5Lev 19:15Dt 5:21
Honest dealings Lev 19:13 See alsoZec 8:16-17Eph 4:25
Forgiveness Eph 4:32 See also Mt 18:21-35Lk 17:3-4Ro 15:1-2Col 3:13
Reproof Lev 19:17 See also Lk 17:3Gal 6:1-2

Prohibition of negative actions towards neighbours

False witness Ex 20:16 pp Dt 5:20See also Lev 19:16Pr 24:28
Oppression Jer 22:13 See also Pr 3:28
Judgment Jas 4:12 See also Mt 7:1-2Lk 6:41-42Ro 14:13

See also

2363Christ, preaching & teaching
5051 responsibility


 Jesus Christ tells a parable about a good Samaritan
Lk 10:30-37 For the Jews, the concept of a “good” Samaritan would have seemed very strange; but Jesus Christ shows that love and faith is not restricted to Israel’s boundaries.

8269 holiness, as separation from the worldly

God’s people are called to holiness, which involves being distinct from other people. In the OT, this is seen in the command to separate from other nations and from everything that can compromise commitment to the Lord. In the NT believers are called to distance themselves from the ways and values of the world, which can be dishonouring to God and destructive to obedience to him.

Christians are called to be separate from the ways of the world

❎  7142 people of God, in NT

The NT relates how the Christian church is the new people of God, assuming all the privileges and responsibilities of Israel in the OT, but with a universal mission to all the world, rather than any one nation.

NT believers are God’s people

Believers are the true children of Abraham

The church is the people of God

God’s chosen people 1Pe 2:9 See also Col 3:121Th 1:42Th 2:13
God’s children Jn 1:12-13 See alsoGal 3:26Gal 4:4-6Eph 1:5Php 2:14-15
God’s possession Eph 1:13-14Tit 2:141Pe 2:9
God’s servants 1Pe 2:16Rev 1:1Rev 2:20
The temple of God 1Pe 2:5 See alsoEph 2:19-22Heb 3:6
The body of Christ Eph 1:22-23 See also Ro 12:4-51Co 12:27Eph 4:11-13

Jesus Christ sends believers into all the world


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