April 7, 2017

Racism explain:

The fallen human mind is in conflict with the mind of God .... 
Dictionary of Bible Themes:


The ability to be unbiased towards any one race, class or person. This attitude is demonstrated by God and is to be emulated by the human race.

God is impartial

Dt 10:17 See also 2Ch 19:7
God treats people impartially Mt 5:45 See also Job 25:3Job 34:19Pr 22:2Ro 2:11Eph 6:9
God judges impartially Col 3:25 See also Job 34:11-12Ps 62:12Jer 17:10Ro 2:9-112Co 5:101Pe 1:17Rev 22:12
God does not distinguish between people on the basis of external appearance 1Sa 16:7 See also Ps 147:10-11Jer 9:25Lk 16:15Gal 2:6Rev 2:23
God does not discriminate against different races or classes Ac 10:34-35Gal 3:28 See also Dt 10:18Job 34:19Ac 10:28Ac 15:7-9

The impartiality of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ’s teaching was impartial Lk 20:21 pp Mt 22:16 pp Mk 12:14 See also Mt 20:1-16 a parable of Jesus Christ about divine impartiality
Jesus Christ showed impartiality in his dealings with people Jn 4:9Jesus Christ contravened accepted boundaries of partiality in this encounter. See also Mt 9:10-12 pp Mk 2:15-17 pp Lk 5:29-31Mt 15:22-28 pp Mk 7:26-29Mt 20:20-23 pp Mk 10:35-40

Impartiality commended

Humanity should judge impartiallyPr 24:23-25 See also Ex 18:16Dt 1:17Dt 16:19Dt 24:17Pr 17:15Pr 18:5Mal 2:9

Showing impartiality to all people is commanded

Impartiality to foreigners Ex 22:21See also Ex 23:9Lev 19:33-34Nu 15:15-16Ro 10:12
Impartiality to children Dt 21:15-17
Impartiality to the poor Ex 23:6 See also Ex 23:3Lev 19:15Pr 29:7Jas 2:2-7

Ways to avoid partiality

By not accepting bribes Ex 23:8 See also Job 36:18Pr 15:27Isa 1:23
By not following the crowd Ex 23:2Mk 15:15

Christians should be partial towards spiritual principles

Examples where impartiality is absent

Ge 25:27-28 Isaac and Rebekah to Jacob and Esau; Ge 29:30-32 Jacob to Leah and Rachel; Ge 37:3-4 Jacob to Joseph and his brothers; 1Sa 1:4-6 Elkanah to Hannah and Peninnah