February 22, 2017

The Boervolk's intire history was hijacked...

The Boervolk's intire history was hijacked... The Boervolk think they are united 'Afrikaners' in a ▶▶British◀◀ influence county?

The function of the apartheid regime in the greater scheme of socialist One-World Order  

Things could have been vastly different in the Republic of South Africa.  If a hidden history, steered by clandestine powers did not exist, in 1948, a justly elected, independent government, (elected by all the races of South Africa,) would have been able to bring stability to us all.  Sadly, such a true ‘democracy’ does not exist in this fallen world without the Real, Scriptural Jesus Christ.  As everywhere else in the world, this country was ruled by Calvinist (Dutch Reformed Church,) masonic stealth and deceit. The Afrikaner Broederbond that constituted the apartheid regime, was simply another implement of the ‘all-seeing’ eye on the global masonic pyramid, the Cabalist Sanhedrin, which  never has national or international peace and stability in mind!
After 1919, when freemason Jan Smuts became Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, P. Deys, editor of the South African Masonic Journal wrote, “Masonry has an unparalleled opportunity [in South Africa] to use its might and beneficent influence in producing a WORLD PEACE and not ‘peace at any price,’ [meaning, ‘merely’ national peace in a specific country like South Africa was/is insignificant in their ‘greater plan’ to unity the entire world under masonic control.]”
Although the establishment of socialism and communism is The International Masonic Brotherhood’s blueprint for the entire world, oddly, in 1948, the British handed South Africa to the masonic Afrikaner Brotherhood, and did not give this country directly to their communist peers like they did with other colonies worldwide.  Given the deadly course on which this placed South Africa, it is clear that Britain did this for the specific reason to bring oppression upon the other races of South Africa, while Britain, as one of the leaders of the New World Order, kept her bloody hands ‘clean.’  Such deliberate oppression had to serve a definite cause.  We have to remember that originally, the apartheid monster was not an Afrikaner brainchild, as demonstrated by the earlier racist policies of America and all the other colonies of Britain.  Thus, apartheid was not simply a random political ‘happening’ in an accidental country somewhere on planet earth.  Apartheid was created with a particular purpose in mind, because NO SANE person would institute such a satanic strategy against their own citizens without weighing the consequences first.  Apartheid was a specifically designed, political machine in the hands of the Global Planners, which had to work at a precise time in history, in this carefully chosen country on the southernmost tip of this already communist destroyed continent
It is clear that the function of the apartheid regime was not to destroy South Africa’s economy and infrastructure at first, as the implementation of socialism and communism demands.  Maybe, at that stage, the Global Planners still had too much raping of this country’s gold, diamonds, and other wealth in mind.  In fact, apartheid South Africa became exceptionally affluent and industrious under enormous world criticism, discrimination, sanctions, and very violent and continuous communist war. 
Of course the apartheid regime discriminated inexcusably against other races of this country.  Yet, in working hard at the socialist union of the entire world during the darkest years of apartheid rule, freemason-illuminati, SECRET KGB OPERATIVE, foreign minister Pik Botha and his National Intelligence Service agents, colluded with communist commanders behind the scenes to aid the ‘final communist shift’ in all non-communist countries worldwide and in South Africa.  No one ever heard what they discussed, or what Pik actually promised them. 
When viewed in the context of recent history, it becomes plain to see that the senseless apartheid era was a deliberate setup by clandestine masonic powers as a special interaction or ‘link’ between colonialism and communism. 
Apartheid was never about the goodwill of South Africa or ANY of her suffering citizens of all races. 
The function of the apartheid regime was to unite the oppressed races of South Africa communistically through suffering, while polishing special communist elitists like Mandela, Oliver Thambo and Mbeki in the fire of racial persecution.   

Secret Societies Control the Rise and Fall of Empires
Renette Vermeulen


Arhur Bryant, “The key to a nation’s future lies in its past. 

Should a nation lose this, it has no future.”   

 General Christiaan de Wet   

· The obscured birth of the misinformed Afrikaner nation — Afrikaner freemasons
· How many Boers fought in the Second Boer War?
· How could for such a small force engage the British Empire?
· Why didn’t  the British the war when they occupied the Republics?
· What type of weaponry did they use in the Boer War?
· How many British soldiers fought in the Second Boer War?
· Who were the Allied Imperial Forces that fought with Britain?


In 1603, Britain’s coat of arms was still a lion and dragon facing each other.  By 1900, Britain openly declared that they are the both the lion and the socialist unicorn, “devouring the whole earth, trampling it and breaking it in pieces…”  The dragon or the unicorn is the terrifying beast of Daniel’s vision, which God warned, would destroy the whole earth during the end time, (Dan. 7:23.) 
As America was founded and governed by masons, (America is commonly known as ‘The Masonic Experiment,’) the one dollar bill features their pyramidal, One World Governmental structure  under the all-seeing eye of the god of the masonic lodge, the Great Architect of the Universe, or the phallic goat-god Baphomet.  As a result, the double-headed eagle on the dollar bill is not an eagle but a phoenix — the mystical bird that continually flies into the sun, is burnt to ashes, and born again from chaos and destruction.  The phoenix symbolizes the communistIlluminist, freemasonry creed, ‘ordö ab chaö.’  This means, finally, after superpowers like America and Great Britain have deliberately destroyed and decimated the entire world, (shattered by the continual application of destructive communist doctrines such as socialism,) they will bring masonic ‘order’ or despotic control to the whole “new” world that ‘rises from the ashes.’ 
As a result, secret masonic orders behind the British Empire and her Allied Imperial Forces, were also at work during the First and Second ‘Boer’ Wars against the two Republics. 


The Afrikaners, before and at the time when Britain attacked and annexed their two fledgling Republics north of the British Cape Colony in South Africa, were mostly farmer/hunter people, which describe the name ‘Boer.’  These two sister Republics, the Orange Free State and the Zuid Africaansche Republiek, [also known as the ZAR or Transvaal,] were landlocked by the British colonies, Cape, Natal and Rhodesia.  Censes statistics for the British annexed Cape colony for 1865, all races included, show about 480,000 citizens with 187,000 whites.  During Britain’s second massive military invasion of the young Afrikaner Republics between 1899 and 1902, their many units that kept British logistics either destroyed, tampered with, misplaced, or neglected to record the census statistics and the exact number of fatalities in the two Afrikaner Republics, and in their camps for prisoners of war abroad.  It seems as if Britain made sure, there would be absolutely no way to determine the real extent of the genocidal crimes they callously planned and committed against the citizens of the two Republics.    
There is absolutely no way to know how many Africans were in the two Republics at any given time during the 19th century.  However, about 26,000 Afrikaner Trekkers left the Cape colony in 1836 to inhabit the wildernesses of three territories: Natal, the Orange Free State, and ZAR or Transvaal.  Consequently, in 1899, with a death and birth rate averaging a population growth of 4%, the white population of the OFS and ZAR Republics (the then British colony of Natal excluded,) could not have been more than that of the Cape colony in 1865.  To supply logic, believable statistics of deaths in concentration camps and deaths on the battle field, let us assume that the combined Afrikaner population of the Orange Free State and the ZAR, (also according to the statistics I could find at the Irene concentration camp memorial,) numbered somewhere in the region of 322,000 people


During the second guerilla phase of the so-called ‘Boer’ war, which began in 1900, Afrikaners were unable to keep official statistics, as the capitals and towns of the two Republics were under siege.  Afrikaner commandos, their presidents, (President Paul Kruger and President Steyn,) the parliament, (‘Volksraad,’) and the entire Afrikaner infrastructure were moved to the surrounding veldt, mountains and bush, from where the ‘Boers’ kept on fighting the war until May 1902. 
No one seems to have any real statistics of this war and mostly British sources recite extremely confused and contradictive stories like this“...There were 58,000 Boer War CASUALTIES...” “22,000 British soldiers and 58,000 BOER SOLDIERS died in the Boer war.”  A new BBC database declares, “55,000 British soldiers died in the war… At least 25,000 Afrikaners died in the war, most of them in concentration camps… and 12,000 Africans died.”  The South African Military History Society reported, “The British lost ABOUT 2,752 officers and 35,404 from other ranks… 38,156 British died in the war.”  Wikipedia, “...22,000 British died, 934 went missing… There were 24,000 Boer prisoners of war… 27,927 [white women and children] interned in camps died, 20,000 interned non-whites died.” “...28,000 Boers were captured and 25,630 sent overseas…”  “...12-25%  of prisoners of war died in British camps…” [So, where are the 13% POW’s who slipped through the cracks?] “347,000 British troops and 103,000 — 153,000 Allied Forces [the huge number of 50,000 Allied troops ‘disappeared’ or also fought against] 95,000 Boers at the start of the war,” “64,000 Boers could fight with no more than 40,000 in the field, and half of these were captured in 1900 when Pretoria fell...”  “7,000 (total dead unknown) Boers died in battle…”  “3,000 — 4,000 Boers died in battle...”
Britain brought entire military units to South Africa to keep records and organize other logistics.  It is impossible that such gross mistakes and wild ESTIMATES could have been made unintentionally.  What deliberate euphemism, false statistics, wordplay and shameless fraud are  still being committing to cover British war crimes and mass murder in this country?  In addition, about 35,000 Africans were recruited as British mercenaries and many traitor Afrikaners also joined them.  How many died?  It is a real shame that Britain seemingly made no attempt to record casualties among these mercenaries, whom they so eagerly employed. If they did, I could not find any reliable statistics on the internet or elsewhere.
For quite some time, I have suspected that the numbers of deaths in Brittan's concentration camps were vastly underestimated and that British reports, also believed by most deceived Afrikaners, are false. Quite deliberately and for very good reason, Britain did not keep count of the masses accurately.  Actually, in all the existing archives, British reports on their holocaust of shame in the two Afrikaner Republics are only estimations.  Why were their statistics approximate?  Because African and Afrikaner lives meant nothing to the British?  That too, but mainly because Britain’s war on the two Republics was not really about a handful of Afrikaners and Africans, who did not tremble at the mighty roar of this ruthless, imperialist lion. 
The truth is that Britain, as leading superpower of the world and in conjunction with her many Allied Imperial Forces from her conquered colonies, saw the Afrikaners and Africans of the two Republics as perfect test-subjects to illustrate their masonic/communist slogan, “Ordö AB Chao.” [It means, One World Order from Global Chaos.]  Britain’s extremely cruel ‘Boer’ War was only the introduction to her final stage of ultimate global control under the emerging One World Government.  Afrikaners and Africans became the successful communist experiment, which clandestine rulers behind the scenes of world politics would copy on a worldwide scale during the 20th century that lay ahead.  Undoubtedly, Britain’s first socialist war in the two Republics became the blueprint for global communist warfare that typified the 20th and early 21st centuries. 

As this cartoon depictsBritain was teaching her Imperial Forces socialism in the Boer War.

The Pro-British Readers Digest wrote in two history books, ‘Illustrated History of South Africa,’ p. 156 and ‘South Africa’s Yesterdays,’ p. 23, reported, “Between September 1899 and May 1902, Britain incarcerated an estimated 107,344 Africans, and 150,000—190,000 whites in concentration camps.” Even these ‘approximate’ statistics are too horrible for words!  It seems that, here again, (while population statistics for Africans do not seem to exist,) 40,000 Afrikaners from a population of 322,000 simply ‘slipped through the cracks’ of organized British logistics in the concentration camps.  Close to 12.5% Afrikaner civilians, in true communist style, seemingly ‘disappeared’ without a trace in the hands of well-organized British officers.  Furthermore, the British dispossessed, uprooted, relocated and impoverished at least half of the Afrikaner, and a large portion of the African populations of the two Republics without anyone having much so say about any of these calculated crimes against humanity. 
Statistics on the number of farms, which Britain ‘scorched’ while abducting the residents, also differ drastically from one another. It is estimated that 30,000—34,000 farms were destroyed in the two Republics.  [Here, 4,000 farms also disappeared from their logistics!] 
Now, lets calculate, according to the number of farms they say they destroyed, the number of civilians, non-white and white, whom Britain kidnapped and incarcerated in death camps during this murderous process.  [It is a blatant lie that these camps were for ‘fleeing refugees.’  Why would thousands upon thousands of sane people burn their own farms and belongings to die in captivity in British camps?] 
If there were only 10 people on ONE of these 30,000 to 34,000 farms, workers included, then the British abducted 300,000 to 340,000 women, children, old men, and workers and their families, [notice that 40,000 people are missing here!] to incarcerate them in an “estimated” “66 white and 50 non-white concentration camps.” [This number of captives is very conservative as both Afrikaners and Africans had large families and their elderly in their care.  Usually, farms employed a whole community of workers.]  Nonetheless, this accounts for an average of at least 3,000 people per camp.  However, this figure does not fit into British statistics of immensely overcrowded camps.  For instance, officially, the Irene camp contained [a mere] 5,400 people!  [Plaque at the Irene concentration camp memorial garden, or cemetery.]  Still, this calculation brings statistics closer to reality, as the pro-British ‘Illustrated History of S.A., p. 256, and ‘South Africa’s Yesterdays,’ p. 23, declare that white women, children and old men in the camps “averaged” 190,000 and non-whites “averaged” 107,344 — a total of R297,344. 

The “approximate’” death rate in African and Afrikaner concentration camps was an “estimated” 344 per thousand and higher.  Thus, the approximate death rate among R297,344 Africans and Afrikaners could not have been less than 102,286 — an average of 34.4% overall!  However, “the worst month for deaths in Afrikaner camps was October 1901, with 401 per 1,000 in the Free State...”  In December 1901, the death rate for Africans rose to 436 per 1,000.”  “Infant deaths were 629 per thousand!”  “The death rate in the camps that held women, children and old men was 34%, with 87% at the Kroonstad camp,” St. Helena 15.55 South 5.4 West.
From the numbers in these pro-British books, from population statistics, and the extremely moderate estimation of people abducted from the farms, it is clear that Britain murdered at least 36,926 African and 65,360 Afrikaner women, babies, children and old men in concentration camps.  This EXCLUDE the numbers of deaths among an “estimated” 56,457 prisoners of war in British colonies at home and overseas. [Other sources say 28,000 Boer men were captured, and 25,630 were sent overseas. I ASK AGAIN, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT BRITAIN BOTCHED THE STATISTICS THIS WAY?]  Of the POWS, an “estimated” 12%-25%, (allegedly only 3% in St. Helena,) died in the camps. 
From the entire Afrikaner population of 322,000,  nearly 21 people out of every 100 died in the British concentration camps.  When we consider all the concealed and misinterpreted facts, we can safely assume that at least a quarter of the Afrikaner population was annihilated in the concentration camps, and this excludes prisoners of war sent to British colonies overseas. 
So, where do the ‘official concentration camp death statistics’ of R28,000 white and 12,000 non-white civilians (only 40,000 overall instead of 102,286) come from, and why do people believe and condone such lies, which constitute crimes against humanity
This calculated holocaust was the forerunner of all ‘modern’ social chaos under the rising New World Order, followed by the great Russian Revolution of 1917, which was also typified by the inconceivably cruel, communist gulag-system of death and torture in concentration camps.  Dave Hunt explained in ‘Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust,’ “Between late 1929 and 1935, (in Russia,) 125 MILLION peasants were uprooted from 25 MILLION individual farms.  In the process, 24 MILLION people disappeared from the Soviet countryside: half fled to the cities, 3 MILLION died of starvation in the Ukraine and the Volga Valley; MILLIONS more simply vanished into the Arctic, Siberia and China, many of them forced into labor camps.”  - Ibid., Sep. 11, 1982.  “Before this, Russia even exported grain.  Collectivized farms are a complete disaster, not the magic formula for creating the communist paradise.”  [Read about Asian, African and other holocausts in ‘Global Destruction and Mayhem of Socialism and Communism,’ ‘Weird Truth about Nazism,’ and ‘Jewish Holocaust – Truth, or Fiction?’


Most horrendously, Queen Victoria, her military advisors, commanders, and financiers intentionally “scorched” two Republics with famine and fire, obliterating an “estimated” 34,000 productive farms and millions of prime livestock in the process.  They could have destroyed many more farms and murdered many more civilians — it seems no one knows.  They poisoned the water and land with kerosene, salt, and incessant weeds such as Khakibos (named after the khaki uniforms of the English,) and knapse kêrel, (black jacks,) which stick like Velcro.  They eradicated great regions of first-rate farmland in the two Republics and destroyed entire herds of thoroughbred horses, cattle and sheep.  They actually demolished entire towns such as Lindley and Frankfort. 
However, it is the callous persecution and mitigated, deliberate homicide of thousands upon thousands of innocent Afrikaner and African women, infants and children, old men and prisoners of war, which prove that Queen Victoria was a common mass murderess and war criminal.  How could she not have foreseen that, to bundle thousands upon thousands of people together in tents in the sweltering heat and blistering cold on the open South African veldt, (and prisoners of war in the tropical heat and disease riddled camps of her overseas colonies,) without adequate clean drinking water, sanitation and medication, deliberately starving civilians of all ages to death, would not, during the turn of the 18th century, result in a national holocaust of unrecorded proportions
Victoria’s Cape Colony Governor Sir Alfred Milner, Cape Prime Minister, freemason/illuminist and mining magnate Cecil John Rhodes, his freemason brother British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain, and mine owners such as Alfred Beit, Barney Barnato and Lionel Phillips all planned and financed this war together.  I stand with every other writer who declare that “every monarch, who inherited the British throne since then, refused to ask forgiveness (or even  just apologize) for any of these atrocities, thus sharing in all Victoria and her helpers’ unspeakable crimes against humanity.”   


God commanded in Lev. 5:1, “If a person… is a witness, whether he has seen or known of the matter – if he does not tell it, he bears guilt.” 
I am not discriminating against South Africa’s many English speaking people and impartial war correspondents.  Some, such as Cornelis Broeksema and Emily Hobhouse, were heroes and heroines, who condemned, disclosed and withstood the countless atrocities of this ‘war’ on thousands upon thousands of unarmed citizens in the two Afrikaner Republics.  (Broeksema paid with his life for exposing the most dreadful conditions in the Turffontein concentration camp.) 
During 1899-1902, Britain could not conquer the great minority of Boers (or farmer/hunters) man-to-man on the battlefield.   Hence, to blackmail Afrikaners into submission, the Mighty British Empire engineered the communist-socialist displacement and dispossession of nearly an entire nation, committing a genocidal holocaust unparalleled in modern history until the Russian communist takeover in 1917, and World Wars One and Two.  However, this was not the worst of their war crimes in South Africa.  For the men and women, who refused to bow to Britain's Queen Victoria’s brutal imperialism, the British crown had a special punishment in mind.  If she could not lay her hands on these fighters, or break their women through dispossession, incarceration and starvation, she would torture their infants and children to death until they surrender
Victoria separated the children of these “bittereinders” (meaning those who would fight to the bitter end) from their mothers, (as in the case of the little weak, living skeleton Lizzie van Zyl in the Bloemfontein concentration camp,) to starve them meticulously until their parents relented from their ‘foolish’ Afrikaner patriotism and pledge allegiance to the British crown.  W.T. Stead, an English journalist, wrote, “Every one of these children, who died as a result of the halving of their rations, [as all the others that were calculatedly starved to death, and detained in diseased riddled camps,] thereby exerting pressure onto their family still on the battle-field, was purposefully murdered.  The [penal] system of half rations stands exposed, stark and unashamedly as a cold-blooded deed of state policy employed with the purpose of ensuring the surrender of men whom we were not able to defeat on the field.” 


The Women were the Marrow in the Bone of the People’s Army 

Once the British began to push the Afrikaner women, children, and elderly at the barrels of their guns in 1900, their bayonets met the steel of true Afrikaner resilience.  Most Afrikaner women, as their men, were solidified by suffering and sorrow.  These women have been fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with their men for the survival and safety of their families since the Trekkers first left the British Cape colony in 1835.  They were the marrow in the bone of the hunter/farmer ‘people’s army.’  Most hated scrambled priorities and could not stomach compromise, lies, treason and underhandedness.  Surrendering to the British crown was one of the most unfaithful things a Boer ‘Burgher,’ (Farmer Civilian) could do to his God, wife, family, and country. 

While some Afrikaners turned traitors with the support of their wives and families, let us salute those Afrikaner women and their men, who would not budge, even under the pressure of complete dispossession, incarceration, starvation, and mass murder!  They placed patriotic duty above personal comfort and redemption from suffering, loss, and even death, because they believed, to leave behind a legacy of cowardliness, compromise and disloyalty, was living one’s life without purpose.  The British were the enemy that constantly threatened the very existence of Afrikaners and all their descendants here in Africa.  These Christian women would feed the enemy if they were hungry, as President Paul Kruger’s wife, Gezina, did while British officers detained her in her Presidential home in Pretoria.  Yet, they could not accept collaboration with, or weakness towards militant British intimidation and their spineless war atrocities.
South Africans and the rest of the world, Britain especially, owe respect to all those thousands upon thousands of white and non-white men, women and children, whom Britain, without cause, dispossessed
and made to suffer, starve and die most horribly in concentration camps.
The least we can do to honor the thousands of Britain’s innocent victims, is to let the world know what really happened in South Africa at the dawn of the 20th century.  Before, during, and after Britain’s relentless attack on the farmers and other citizens of the two young republics, the Orange Free State and Transvaal, there was a huge attempt to twist their unspeakable war crimes into a ‘gentlemen’s war,’ and to dismiss complaints against dispossession, torture, and mass murder as ‘malicious slander.’  However, bare historical facts extinguish the ‘romantic’ notion that these combat commanders and their half a million troops could have been ‘gentlemen.’ 
This was not a war.  This was a deliberate holocaustcalculated genocide, the brutal dispossession and impoverishment of nearly all South Africans, and the premeditated theft of all South Africa’s enormous mineral wealth.


In the 19th century, Imperialist Britain divided South Africa into four colonies, namely the Cape colony, Natal colony and the inland Afrikaner colonies of the Orange Free State and Transvaal, which later became the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek or the ZAR.  In 1854 and 1856, Britain formally granted the Orange Free State and ZAR (Transvaal) independence from British rule.  However, Britain kept on interfering chronically with the two Afrikaner Republics.  After extremely rich gold deposits were discovered on the Witwatersrand, (an area that covers a great area of the old ZAR,) Britain annexed the ZAR in 1877, claiming all the gold mines on the Witwatersrand area around Johannesburg.  President Paul Kruger of the ZAR visited Britain twice to negotiate renewed independence for the Republic, while passively resisting British expansion in, and claiming of his country, but to no avail. 
In 1880, fierce battles between the invading British and resisting Afrikaners resulted in the First ‘Boer’ War.  When British forces jumped off the cliffs at the battle of Amajuba to escape the furiously resisting Boer commandos, Britain granted the ZAR its independence for the second time in March 1881.  However, losing the First Boer War under such humiliating circumstances was a lesson in warfare, which Britain would never forget. 
In January 1896, Chamberlain and Rhodes declared war against the ZAR by executing an invasion known as ‘The Jameson Raid.’  Chamberlain and Rhodes planned to take the ZAR in a coup d’état to annex all the gold mines around Johannesburg.  They first instigated labor riots among the miners, causing a huge revolt among the many British foreigners, or ‘outlanders’ and other workers, who streamed to the Republic during the gold rush.  Rhodes then sent Leander Jameson and his Rhodesian and Bechuanaland ‘policemen’ from across ZAR borders to take control of the Republic, and ‘restore order’ to the socialist chaos in the mines.  However, President Kruger’s intelligence network warned him in time of the planned invasion.  The President sent a small Afrikaner force to ambush Jameson at Doornkop, a few kilometers south of Johannesburg.  Jameson and his forces surrendered and he was handed over to Britain for trial, but British media turned Jameson into a hero. 
The next time Britain attacked the Afrikaners and Africans of the Orange Free State and the ZAR, she came prepared.  Queen Victoria and her war commanders decided beforehand that this time, they would annihilate the two Republics if the Afrikaners did not surrender unconditionally.  Britain’s quest was to gain control of the huge diamond deposits that were discovered at Kimberley in the Orange Free State in 1866, and the bountiful amounts of gold discovered in the ZAR in 1886.  Under the pretence of fighting for the voting rights of British immigrants in the ZAR, Britain tried to pressure President Kruger into granting them full citizenship.  Kruger refused, knowing that this was a plan to defeat his government at the ballet box, thus lifting the Republic into the hands of the British.  Britain then began to expand and mobilize her armies in the coastal colonies of the Cape and Natal to take possession of the inland Republics of the Orange Free State and ZAR. 
President Steyn of the OFS and President Kruger’s peace negotiations failed in May 1899. 
In September 1899, Chamberlain sent an ultimatum, once again demanding full citizenship for British immigrants in the ZAR, which led to the Second ‘Boer,’ or actually, the British War of 1899-1902. 


When Britain seized the Cape in 1795, English Freemasonry brought the start of the British Lodge in Cape Town.  They encouraged civilians, both English and Dutch, to join freemasonry and to set up new lodges countrywide.  Since that day, Britain had her eye on the whole of Africa.  Freemason/Illuminist Cecil John Rhodes, on instruction of the British monarchy, had only one quest: to extend the rule of the Empire from Cape to Cairo!  It was a prize worth possessing at any cost.