December 5, 2016

Behold The LORD Our GOD Will Lead Us Home...

we can do NOTHING...
we are as ships WITHOUT wind.
We are USELESS...

As you submit to God more and more, you will get accustomed to being nourished by the power of truth. He is so holy that He cannot lie. God reveals His truth to His people through the Holy Spirit...

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1352 covenant, the new:
The fulfilment of God’s purposes of salvation expressed in the covenants of the OT, mediated by Jesus Christ and sealed in his blood. It is a covenant of grace, the benefits of which include forgiveness, a renewed relationship with God and, through the Holy Spirit, an inward transformation that enables obedience to its demands and so ensures that it will not again be broken. Jer 31:31 The “new” covenant is contrasted with the covenant made at Sinai which is sometimes referred to as the “old” or “first” covenant. See also Heb 8:8

The new covenant fulfils the OT covenants

God’s covenant with Noah Isa 54:9-10Hos 2:18
God’s covenant with Abraham Lk 1:72-73Ac 3:25-26Gal 3:14-16
God’s covenant at Sinai Eze 16:60,62Eze 20:37
God’s covenant with David Isa 55:3Eze 34:24-26Eze 37:25-26Lk 1:69

Jesus Christ, the mediator of the new covenant

The new covenant fulfilled in the Messiah Mal 3:1 See also Isa 42:6Isa 49:8
The new covenant effected through Jesus Christ’s death Heb 9:15 See also Heb 9:16-17
The new covenant sealed in Jesus Christ’s blood Lk 22:20 pp Mt 26:28pp Mk 14:24 See also Ex 24:8 Blood was an important element in sealing the Sinaitic covenant; Jn 6:541Co 10:161Co 11:25Heb 10:29

The ministry of the Holy Spirit

The superior blessings of the new covenant

God’s grace and mercy Heb 12:24The blood of Abel cried out to God for justice and retribution; the blood of Jesus Christ, shed to seal the new covenant, cries out for mercy and forgiveness.
A complete forgiveness Heb 8:12See also Jer 31:34Ro 11:27Heb 10:17
Release from the law’s condemnation 2Co 3:9Gal 3:13-14
An inward enabling to obey God’s laws Jer 31:32-33 The old covenant was broken because its demands were not met. Under the new covenant the requirements of obedience are not abolished, but in writing his laws on human hearts, God gives the ability to meet the covenant demands. See also Jer 32:38-40Eze 11:19-202Co 3:3Heb 8:9-10Heb 9:14Heb 10:16
A new knowledge of God Heb 8:11See also Jer 31:342Co 3:15-16
A renewed relationship with GodEze 37:26-27 “peace” refers to spiritual and material well-being; real peace is possible only for those in a right relationship with God. The formula “I will be their God, and they will be my people” is associated also with the Abrahamic and especially the Sinaitic covenants. See also Jer 24:7Jer 31:1Eze 34:30-31Hos 2:19-23
A superior priesthood Heb 8:6 See also Heb 7:22Heb 9:24-25
A superior sacrifice Heb 9:14 See also Heb 9:20-23,26-28Heb 10:4,8-14
A lasting covenant Isa 61:82Co 3:11 See also Jer 50:5Heb 8:7,13Heb 13:20

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