August 3, 2016

Our Governments have no real power and can make no real decisions for they are controlled by the SHADOW GOVERNMENT

The various governments of the world are nothing more than puppets playing a game of distraction on the global stage of politics, and South Africa is no different. Our Governments have no real power and can make no real decisions.  It actually does not matter whom we vote for, because the real controllers of planet Earth, control all parties in any given election.  Indeed, the true power lies behind the governments who are merely puppets for an institution, as the world is really run by those that I have often referred to as the Shadow Government, The Oligarchy, The Powers That Be, or The Dark Forces.  All these refer to the hidden hand behind global affairs, which is a complex web of ancient family dynasties, religious and financial institutions, secret societies such as the Freemasons and Papal Knights, all headed up from Vatican City
Prophesied: The day of the LORD upon all the nations is near
“For the day of the LORD upon all the nations is near; as you have done, it shall be done to you; your reprisal shall return upon your own head"

“Because of violence to your brother Jacob, You will be covered with shame, And you will be cut off forever”





Read the secret controllers of South Africa, is in a book called “Dokument X”, by Gunther Schieckelgruber: 



THE NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER  Curse of Criminalism DARK ACTORS PLAYING GAMES The Luciferian German Fascist- llluminati Criminal Revolution Conspiracy to Control the World By means of  A global coup d'etat by instalments Christopher Story

THE NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER is  a  world in  which official  criminality, driven  by bribery and  corruption, is  the  norm  among  all layers of  governance.  At the vast intergovernmental level, the  Rule  of Law  does  not  apply - a state  of  affairs  which  is exploited  to the full  under cover of a facade  of hypocritical official rectitude. But at the country  level,  it  is ruthlessly  relied upon  by  corrupt intelligence cadres  when  it suits their interests -  and  equally  ruthlessly  flouted  by  operatives and  officials most  of the time, on the cynical  basis that 'everyone  is  doing  it'.  In particular, 'everyone'  is  engaged in  perpetrating crimes against  humanity  - in  the form  of drug-trafficking  operations,  which are controlled by  the competing and simultaneously  collaborating  intelligence services  of the Great Powers in  order to finance their corrupt operations, and  to sustain the corrosive  and subversive global hegemony  activities of the  llluminati, of which intelligence communities form, wittingly  or  unwittingly, the  backbone, as  they  consist essentially  of  esoteric secret societies. This study,  then, is  about the rampant global corruption  in  high places  arising from the free-wheeling, unrestrained abominations of the  system of synarchy - rule  by secret societies. Although  focused mainly  on  the  United  States  and Britain, the Author  addresses  the consequences  of official  criminalism  worldwide  - showing that it flourishes in  surprising places, such as  the Vatican.  He begins by  exposing the lie that greets all  who enter the Langley  headquarters of the  CIA; shows how  the  perverse  influence  of the occultic secret societies at Yale  University  has successfully institutionalised poisonously  reprobate attitudes  and mentalities-originating in  Germany-from generation  to generation, infecting cadres  at the  highest levels  and influencing the  whole  of society for  the  worse; and identifies the links between  the Yale synarchy  system and the drug trade,  which is the primary financing source  for the llluminati. In Chapter 4, The Hex of Himmler, the Author shows  how  the same  perverse German influence  has  corrupted  the  CIA - and follows  this  with  a  documented  expose  of German Freemasonry  (The House  of  Lucifer).  Chapter 6,  which is  entitled The  Angels of  Light, shows  how  the Evil One resides  within, and controls, prominent 'religious'  organisations, alienating billions from the  Way, the Truth and the Life. Chapter 7 -  The Synagogue of Satan  - exposes the  llluminati from  historical documents, and paves the  way  for the Author's  detailed  analysis of The Thousand-Year Reich,  which German secret 'Black'  intelligence, based  at Dachau, near Munich, is building on  what it considers to represent  'the ruins of  the United States'. Accordingly, the identity  of our  continuing common enemy  is  clearly  revealed.  
Memorandum  for the  non-Christian reader This  book is written from  the perspective of True Christianity  (meaning  that  the Author accepts,  and  proclaims, that Jesus Christ is indeed  the  Son  of God, and 'is come  in the  flesh'). There are  two  reasons for  this. First,  it represents  the undeniable, but extensively denied, Truth. Secondly,  this work, by  definition, examines  and exposes the  Works  of  Darkness.  This cannot  and  must  never  be  done  without  the protection afforded, both  to  Author  and Reader, of  the Word,  Name  and  presence of Jesus  Christ. For those who do not  believe, and who deny  the  truth  expressed in  verse 1 of  Psalms  14 and 53  - 'The  fool  hath  said  in  his heart, There is  no  God'  - the Author  has this  request.  Please read  this  detailed expose  of  contemporary  and relevant historical Works  of  Darkness, both because the study contains  intelligence  that  has hitherto  been  concealed  or  misinterpreted,  and  because  the  Scriptural  references,  which  are generally spelled  out here  in  full, provide the absolute  standard  of  perfection  against  which  the reprobate  evils described  herein  can only be  judged  and  properly  understood. The Author  does not  seek  to  convert  anyone:  conversion occurs when a person  takes the simple  step of Faith, which  results in the Free Gift  of Grace from the Holy  Spirit, and is always  a  matter for the individual, not  for anyone else. At  the same  time, the corollary to  this  fact needs to  be understood  -  namely, that  True  Christianity is  exclusive, not  inclusive,  as wayward  'Christian' churches,  ever  fearful for  their  worldly survival,  have  chosen to  assert.  This  becomes crystal clear  to  anyone  reading Scripture:  and, who knows, some  readers  of  this  work  may  be encouraged  by  it  to  do  so.  Should  this  be  decided,  start  with  Chapter  9  of  John,  and  the  final Chapters  of  Luke.  Use  the  King  James  Bible, which has not  been adulterated and modified by  modern  reprobate  'editors',  and  try  to  find  a  One Year  Bible employing  the King  James  Version, divided  into  365 Scripture  readings  which  take  no  more  than  fifteen  minutes daily. The  Author has  done this  for eight years,  and the experience  has changed  his  life. If, however, the reader  cannot 'handle' this for  the moment, he  or  she is urged not  to  be discouraged. For the  Author  believes that  this  work  may  well  assist  many  to  understand  the underlying causes of the mess we're in  -  not least by identifying the  hidden  perpetrators  of serial  crimes,  including crimes  against  humanity  such as drug-trafficking,  a source of  the Illuminati's  funding.  It  also  addresses  certain  issues,  such  as  the  extensive  Jewish  Nazi participation  in  the  Holocaust  ('Shoah'),  which  have been carefully  obfuscated and 'written out  of history'. Since  The Order of the Illuminati  is  Luciferian and  is  engaged in  criminal  operations worldwide,  it  seeks  by  every  means  available  to  procure  absolute  control over  the world,  on  the false  assumption  that its criminality can  thereby be hidden  from  scrutiny for ever. Finally, it  will  become  clear as  this book unfolds that  German secret  'Black'  intelligence  exploits The Order  of the  Illuminati as  its densest,  most effective cover. The Abwehr  (Nazi)  Intelligence Continuum  is  located,  of all  places, at  Dachau, a  name synonymous with  death. The secret 'Black' intelligence  organisation  directing  the  New  Underworld Order offensive is  known as DVD - Deutsche Verteidigungs  Dienst.  The  head  of  DVD  until  he  fell ill  in  1976  was  Admiral  Canaris.  British  intelligence  sources  inform  the  Author  that  the  present actual  head  of  DVD  is  George  Bush (Busche) Sr. (2006). Dr Henry  Kissinger  may  have  served briefly  as de facto DVD Chief while George  Bush  Sr.  doubled as Director  of Central  Intelligence