August 7, 2016

and still the Boervolk is going to the devil’s churches?...."Gay marriages is a sin"~ Angus Buchan

Without the knowledge of ordinary Afrikaner citizens, the despotism of the Afrikaner Broederbond streamed from their Dutch Reformed church (and all other churches affiliated with her) into every sphere of South African life.  The freemason government besmeared all Afrikaner Christian universities, colleges, campuses, and schools with Broederbond lecturers and teachers.  They started to control “nearly the entire media, all the organizations that stood for arts, culture, language, and history, [such as the ATKV, FAK, Voortrekker and Rapportryer Movements, etc.,] and more importantly, all state politics and [nearly all] private enterprise.”
...and still the Boervolk is going to the devil’s churches?

Since 1920, controlling Afrikaner Broederbond (Afrikaner bond) academics began to break into every area of South African politics, religion, science, agriculture, industry, and education.  (Just as members of the African National Council have been doing since their communist takeover in 1994.)  Wilkins and Strydom declared the following in their book ‘The Super Afrikaners,’ “Among these were dr. Nico Diederichs, dr. Piet Meyer, dr. HF Verwoerd, dr. Geoff Cronje, dr. Keyter, dr. Albert Hertzog,  (son of the First Premier of the Union,) dr. TJ Hugo, prof. Diederichs, prof. Cronje, Dutch Reformed minister Joshua Naudé, Henning Klopper, Danie du Plessis, HW van der Merwe, JHP Serfontein, etc.” 
Without the knowledge of ordinary Afrikaner citizens, the despotism of the Afrikaner Broederbond streamed from their Dutch Reformed church (and all other churches affiliated with her) into every sphere of South African life.  The freemason government besmeared all Afrikaner Christian universities, colleges, campuses, and schools with Broederbond lecturers and teachers.  They started to control “nearly the entire media, all the organizations that stood for arts, culture, language, and history, [such as the ATKV, FAK, Voortrekker and Rapportryer Movements, etc.,] and more importantly, all state politics and [nearly all] private enterprise.”
The Government, all of them members of The masonic Broederbond and Reformed Afrikaner Churches, (N.G. and N.H. Churches,) adopted Calvinism as State religion.  Even though they worshipped at a strange altar during their freemason meetings, they had the audacity to open Parliament in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
It was this Calvinist/masonic fortress, and not the average brainwashed Afrikaner, which brought forth the apartheid regime.

· Catholic/Protestant Church father Augustine on Mythology and Manichaeism 
· ‘Original sin,’ or ‘total depravity’ according to Augustine, Calvin, and Luther 
· Total depravity called for Unconditional Election, Irresistible Grace, or Predestination 
· Irresistible Grace necessitated Particular Atonement
· ‘Limited atonement’ requires Sanctification 
· Predestination and Sanctification produce Unconditional Love or “The Perseverance of the Saints’
· The actual savoir, sanctifier, and preserver — the Roman Catholic/Protestant church 
·   Roman Catholic or Church-Mother’s ‘Saving’ and ‘Atoning’ Sacraments

winter lairs on this day, (which supposedly predicts the weather for the coming season,) to “Groundhog Day.” 
May Day, or Spring Day, is a festival that, in some way or another, relates to every culture on the globe.  The origin, however, is seated in the worship of the Greek ‘Mother Earth’ goddess Maia – or the Irish goddess Bridged.  Romans knew Maia as the ‘mother’ of the Roman god Mercury.  Some knew Bridget, or all plant and animal life in the personage of a goddess, by the names Flora and Fauna, or ‘Mother Nature.’  On May Day, Bridget, Flora/Fauna, (nature itself,) or Maia was, or is especially revered as the blossom, flower, leaves, and other vegetation goddess.  Ancient Celts and even modern Europeans and other witches believe that during this spring festival, the spirits of their dead ancestors, known as ‘earth spirits,’ (in the form of fairies, gnomes, and elves,) descend from the earth, come down from the hills, etc. to play and dance among the new leaves and flowers. Although many cultures view these ‘mystical’ creatures as benign, they are in fact demons, masquerading as cute and friendly spirits.  Remember that the Word of God declares, ‘The dead knows nothing.  They have no more reward (or honor on earth…) Nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun,” (Ecl. 9:5-10.) 
On May Day, pagans had, and still have the custom of ‘dressing’ wells and sacrificing flowers to the ‘healing water’ goddess, Bridget.  As usual, the witches of the Roman Catholic Church Christianized these pagan rituals in worship of their ‘healing’ goddess Mary, the so-called ‘mother of Jesus.’  On Saint Brigit’s Day, Roman Catholics also dress wells, trees, and bushes with flowers, ribbons, crosses, and so on, and hang the clothes of the sick on trees and bushes to invoke the ‘healing’ of their goddess Mary and other so-called mediatory ‘saints,’ or gods.  However, if any healing should occur through these Christianized rituals, these Christians should instead attribute that ‘healing’ to Celtic spirits of ‘the dead;’ the gnomes, fairies, etc. – demonic representations of their ancestral spirits. 
I must be honest – working through these incredible idolatrous practices of the Roman Catholic Church, which so many millions of Protestants thoughtlessly adopted, I cannot help to be appalled by such outrageous evil!  Why can’t all these people just read their own BIBLES?  What happened to the complete atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ, the God of the BIBLE?  Why do they always add to, or subtract from His complete atonement?  Was it in vain that He bore our sorrows; that His body was broken for our healing, and that He shed His own blood for all our lostness in pagan ignorance? 
Catholic/Protestant Church father Augustine on Mythology & Manichaeism
The most revered church father of Roman Catholicism, Lutherism – and Protestant’s Calvinism in particular, was ‘saint’ Augustine of Hippo, (350-430 A.D.)   Calvin called Augustine “that great bishop.”  However, even after Augustine had converted to Roman Catholicism, he still adored the Greek philosopher Plato.  In turn, Plato was the devout pederast, (or man-boy sex) disciple of Socrates, and of course, a follower of Socrates’ teachings on Greek Mythology.  [He taught SIN AND THE DEVIL DO NOT EXIST, which led to Greek philosophies Christianized as Calvinist doctrine, as seen on this page.] 
Before Augustine converted to Platonism and later to Catholicism, he was a disciple of ancient Manichaeism.  Ancient Manichaeist worshipped Satan, the duel god of good and evil.  Later, Manichaeist beliefs such as predestination and cosmology formed the platform for many pagan religions such as Buddhism.  In AD 387, Augustine became a Roman Catholic bishop and began to feed all his pagan potions to the witchcraft-hungry monks of Christianity.  According to the Roman Catholic bishop Jerome, “Augustine established anew the ancient faith of Platonism (and Manichaeism) in the Christian church.”  In his book, ‘The City [or Church] of God, book 8,’ Augustine wrote, “…It is evident that none come nearer to us [Christians] than the Platonist philosophers… [who] have recognized the true god as the author of all things…” Augustine was referring to the Manichean author of both good and evil, who is the dual god, and not the Mono God or One God, the One Person and Single Minded God of the Scriptures – Jam. 1:13-17. He continued, ““…Then, as to Plato's saying that the philosopher is a lover of God, nothing shines forth more conspicuously in those sacred writings… [He referred to the writings of those evil, pagan Greek philosophers.]  Having their mind enslaved to their body, they supposed the first principle of all things to be material; as Thales, [another pagan Greek philosopher and astronomer,] who held that the first principle of all things was water; Anaximander, [a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher,] that it was air; the Stoics, [a Hellenic cult that originated from Greek mythology,] that it was fire… because the air also is called spirit…” 
Water, air and fire GODS are ‘atoning’ gods or so-called ‘sacramental elements’ in Platonism and thanks to Augustine, in both Roman Catholicism and traditional Protestantism - as demonstrated by their use of ‘holy water’ in the ‘atoning’ and so-called ‘saving’ water sacrament of their sprinkling-baptism.    
Original sin (or “Total Depravity,”) according to Augustine, Luther, and Calvin 
In addition, Roman Catholic Church father ‘saint’ Augustine first Christianized the perception of Greek Mythology on ‘original sin,’ which teaches, “Original sin does not have the character of a personal fault in any of Adam’s descendants…  Humanity bears no guilt for Adam’s sin, although the fall in Eden destroyed their free will to choose right from wrong.”  According to this Augustinian doctrine on ‘original sin,’ there are no ‘bad persons;’ no lost people; humanity merely “carries bad things as a wound” because the fall destroyed their free will to choose between good and bad.  This is the incredibly false doctrine of “total depravity,” which guides both the mainstream churches of Christianity, Roman Catholicism, and Lutheran/Calvinist Protestantism. 
Jesus Himself, all His true disciples, and even the Old Testament prophet Isaiah taught hereditary sin.  This means, all of humanity has inherited Adam’s fallen position of sin and cursedness without God, as well as his nature of sin.  (I.e., “There is none righteous, no, not one… Through one man [Adam] sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned…)” Therefore, every person on earth needs to be personally born again from the kingdom of darkness into God’s “marvelous light,” (Is. 59:2-8; Rom. Chapters 2-3; 5:12-21; Jn. 1:12-13.) 
Despite the clear truth of God’s Word, the Catholic papacy and their Protestant disciples still have the nerve to teach, “When a regenerated man, [a so-called ‘born anew’ church convert, who was initiated into the church through the rites of sprinkling-‘baptism,’ confirmation, etc.,] if such a man sins, it is not the man that sins.  He is merely acting out of character.”  According to these remorseless witches, moral sin has no bearing on church converts.  They allege that their ‘totally deprived’ church members cannot choose to do either good or to sin and therefore they cannot really sin, thus sin can never damage them.  In other words, just as in raw paganism, their church members do not have a notion of moral or personal sin - and thus have no personal responsibility.  Hence, continual repentance from sin, which the Lord Jesus Christ and all His sincere disciples commanded, never enters the minds of these ‘once-saved-always-saved,’ sinning Protestant and Catholic pagans!  However, Jesus’ disciple Paul clearly stated, “Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not... For the wages that sin pays is [eternal] death…” (Rom. 6:1, 21.)
‘Total depravity’ Called For ‘Unconditional Election,’ ‘Irresistible Grace,’ or Predestination 
‘Saint’ Augustine’s Manichean doctrine of ‘unconditional election,’ or in fact, predestination, is the sinking sand on which Roman Catholics and all mainstream Protestants stand.  John Calvin especially, made predestination one of the most important doctrines of his Reformed Churches – known in South Africa as the Dutch Reformed Church, or ‘Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk,’ and her sister-church ‘Die Hervormde Kerk.’  Just like John Calvin, all other Augustinian followers such as Roman Catholics, firmly believe in the ‘motivation’ for their doctrine of predestination - ‘total depravity,’ or “the complete depravity of free will,” which completely enslaves them to sin without the function of free choice.  Therefore, they teach that, through ‘total depravity,’ humanity is incapable of choosing to do either good or bad.  They need their god’s “unconditional election,” or ‘IRRESISTIBLE GRACE,’ to choose for them. 
No matter what they do, ultimately, their false god alone will work out their salvation through His ‘irresistible grace,’ ‘unconditional election,’ or predestination.  Hence, they believe that even those who hated, persecuted, murdered, and committed every other moral sin relentlessly and without any repentance whatsoever, will still be saved ‘unconditionally’ by the ‘irresistible grace’ of their god!   
Allegedly, their predestinating god alone decided “from the foundation of the world” who will be his ‘chosen elect,’ (to be saved through his church membership,) and who would burn in hell for all eternity.  This means, their ‘god’ created most of humanity with the intention to damn them eternally without his ‘irresistible grace!’  In addition, this god foreordains both their bad and their good works, as their DUAL god determines everything!  The ‘unconditional election’ of this god, (just as that of the predestinating Islamic god,) even decides the measure of sin each one of his church members ‘has’ to commit!  However, the True God of the Bible commanded in Deut. 30:19-20, “I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days…” Proverbs 3:31 confirms, “Do not envy the oppressor and choose none of his ways; for the perverse person is an abomination to the Lord…”   

‘Predestination,’ or ‘Unconditional Election’ Necessitated ‘Particular Atonement’ 
In another steep twist of Biblical fact, (as most of humanity is born destined for eternal punishment in hell,) these Catholic and Protestant witches also teach ‘particular atonement,’ which means that Christ died only for the predestined, ‘chosen elect’ of these churches.  Then again, none of these ‘predestined, atoned, unconditionally elected elite’ church members know for certain whether they will go to heaven, or to hell.  They merely hope that, by remaining lifelong, devout members of Catholicism or Protestantism, (saved through their false christ’s particular atonement AND their so-called ‘atoning’ church sacraments,) they might stand a chance to go to heaven! 
Every one of these blasphemous heresies denies God’s entire New Testament Gospel, which declares, “God so loved the whole world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that EVERYONE who [personally and sincerely] believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life,” (Jn. 3:16.)  In agreement with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and all His New Testament disciples, Peter announced in 2 Pt. 3:9, “…God is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.”
The doctrines of predestination and ‘particular atonement’ are ungodly fallacies that are not found anywhere in the contextual truth of the New Testament Bible. 

SCRIPTURAL ‘predestination’ 
Under the New Testament Covenant, written in the blood of Jesus Christ, God chose to send His only begotten Son to atone in full for the sin of all humanity, (Jn. 3:16.)  As a result, God ‘predestined’ and ‘called’ all of humanity “from the foundation of the world” to hear and accept the Gospel of Christ, and to inherit eternal life in Christ – read Jesus’ commission in Mt. 28:19-20! 
However, humanity has the personal responsibility to choose!  God’s Biblical grace to make our own, personal choices, is the foundation of our life on earth and our New Testament salvation in Christ.  John explained, “[Jesus] came to His own, [the Hebrew nation,] but they [chose] not to receive Him.  But as many as received Him, to them He gave the [Godly] right to become children of God, to those who [personally] believe in His Name; who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of man, but of God,” (Jn. 1:11-13.) 
These are the ones our omniscient God ‘foreknew,’ would choose to accept and obey His Son.  These are the ones our all-knowing God ‘foreknew,’ would  choose to heed His call to repentance, “to be changed into the [holy] image of His Son, [not to become gods, but to be transformed in their minds to become obedient disciples of Christ”  ( Read the entire teaching in Rom. 8:28-30.) 
‘Limited Atonement’ Requires ‘Sanctification’ 
Jesus Alone is the eternal Christ - the holy, unblemished, sacrificial Lamb of God, Who suffered all of God’s judgment and punishment in the place of all (sincerely believing) humanity!  When Jesus died on the cross, He declared, “It is finished!”  His atonement for the entire sinful, cursed state of all humanity was complete.  During His life and death, Jesus had fulfilled all the requirements of both the ritual, (ceremonial) as well as the moral, Old Testament law, (Mt. 5:17.)  Yet, both Catholicism and traditional Protestantism teach that Jesus’ atonement was only ‘limited or partial.’  Their church salvation needs the gradual, ritual fulfillment of their ‘atoning’ church sacraments, which ‘complete’ the ‘particular’ atonement of their christ through the process of sanctification.  Originally, the doctrine of ‘sanctification’ originated from pagan temple worship.  Just as in Christianity, pagan ‘sanctification’ means that any religious object or statue, (such as statues of ‘mother’ Mary, or Buddha,) is “set apart within that religion” as part of that religion, and therefore it is sanctified or sacred.” 
In both paganism and traditional Christianity, sanctification also pertains to new converts, who are also ‘set apart within that religion’ through a process of ritual, ‘sin-atoning’ initiations such as the baby sprinkling-baptism, teenage confirmation, etc., until the initiate achieves complete ‘sanctification’ or ‘holiness.’  Different from Catholicism, which only ‘deify’ outstanding members of the Roman Catholic Church to sainthood or ‘godhood,’ traditional Protestantism makes all their church members into ‘saints’ through ritual ‘sanctification.’ In the truth of contextual Scripture, ALL sincere believers IN CHRIST are already completely holy or sanctified from the moment that they sincerely accepted Jesus Christ personally, (1 Cor. 1:2; Rom. 1:1-7.)  The only growing process truly born again disciples of Christ experience, is “to grow in knowledge of God’s Word and in grace,” which is the “renewal of their minds, to understand [AND DO!] the good, acceptable, and perfect, will of God,” (2 Pt. 3:18; Rom. 12:1-2.)
Predestination & Sanctification Produce “Unconditional Love” or “The Perseverance of the Saints” 
There is a massive, modern rise in Roman Catholic/Reformed Calvinism.  This New Reformation is secretly expressed in the ecumenism (or unifying) of all churches and religions under the banner of the Roman Catholic Church.  One of the primary doctrines that ‘bind’ all modern churches together, is ‘The Perseverance of the Saints,’ ‘Free Grace,’ ‘The Unconditional Love of God,’ or the ‘Once Saved Always Saved,’ doctrine.  This Catholic/Anglican/Lutheran/Calvinist teaching is the new fad, which the Baptists and most other Evangelical churches also teach. 
John Calvin defined the ‘Unconditional Love of God’ as “The Perseverance of the Saints.”  ‘Perseverance,’ in Catholic/Protestant context, does not mean, as in Biblical context, those who persevered, or continued in faith and in obedience to Jesus Christ through all or life’s trials and temptations, (Mt. 24:13; Lu. 21:1-19.) In this sense, ‘perseverance’ pertains only to those who were ‘unconditionally elected,’ (or predestined to church salvation,) as the ‘unconditional love’ of their god will automatically complete their church ‘faith,’ or in reality, their church membership, until the end.  Wikipedia wrote, “Perseverance of the saints, as well as the corollary doctrine, ‘Once Saved, Always Saved,’ is a Calvinist [AND ROMAN CATHOLIC] teaching that asserts that once persons are truly “born of God” or “regenerated” [THROUGH THE RITE OF (BABY) SPRINKLING, ‘BAPTISMAL REGENERATION,’] nothing in heaven or earth shall be able to separate (them) from the love of God…” [AND THEY ABUSE ROM. 8:39 TO ‘CONFIRM’ THEIR GREAT FALLACY!] 
So, true Catholics/Calvinists, etc. cannot ‘fall away’ from their church membership, instituted by their first, ritual initiation, the baby sprinkling.  Through their so-called ‘total depravity,’ they do not have the ‘ability’ to resist the ‘irresistible grace’ of their god, and his ‘unconditional love’ will always ‘preserve’ their church membership, (or sainthood,) notwithstanding their personal, moral lifestyle.
Wikipedia explains, “The Augustinian doctrines of grace regarding predestination are taught in the Reformed churches primarily to assure believers of their salvation since the Calvinist doctrines emphasize that salvation is entirely a sovereign gift of God APART from the recipient’s choice, deeds, or feelings…” 
As long as these religionists remain church members, the ‘church remains their mother,’ she will always ‘preserve the saints!’  (They do not even have to attend church, as their baptismal-contract with the water god is a life-term contract with Satan.)  ‘Saints’ too, as described in traditional Protestantism, has nothing to do with the Bible’s definition of truly born again, Holy-Spirit filled saints.  Lutheran/Calvinist ‘saints’ are those who were allegedly ‘sanctified’ by their church’s ‘sin-atoning’ sacraments such as the baby sprinkling.  Catholics also teach that a ‘baptized’ member of the Roman Catholic Church cannot ‘fall away’ from the sanctity of the church, [note how they replaced Christ, with the “church”] and declare those ‘anathema’ or cursed, who says such a thing. 
When Martin Luther, adhering to the ‘perseverance of the saints’ doctrine, compiled his ungodly Lutheran bible, he rejected the book of James as “a straw epistle” and as “corrupted scripture,” as James states, “faith without works is dead.”  [These works are obedience to the Moral Law of LOVE in Scriptural truth and the leading of the Holy Spirit.] Luther twisted, changed, and omitted these Scriptures because the truth of James’ epistle [that sincere believers are saved by faith in Christ Alone, but that they have to bear fruit, which fits or reflects true repentance,] clashed head on with the false Roman Catholic, or Augustinian doctrines of ‘total depravity,’ ‘irresistible grace,’ and the once saved, always saved fallacies. 

The Savior and Preserver: the Roman Catholic/Protestant, Christian Church 
Pope Gregory the Great, (540-604 AD) announced, “The Holy Universal Church proclaims that God cannot truly be worshipped save within herself, and asserts that all they who are without her pale shall never be saved.”  Straight from the mouth of Catholic ‘Saint’ Gregory the ‘Great,’ Martin Luther, Zwingli, John Calvin, all other Protestant denominations, and even schisms  from Christianity such as Seventh Day Adventists, Old and New Apostles, Jehovah Witnesses, etc., all believe, “The Church is our Mother; without her there exist no salvation and without her sacraments there exists no remission of sins!” 
In spite of such overbearing witchcraft, God’s Word declares strongly that the “heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool.  What house will you build for Me… God, Who made the world and everything in it… does not dwell in temples made with hands.  Nor is He worshiped with men’s hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things…” (Acts 7:48; 17:24-25.)  [Read about the concept of the Roman Catholic ‘circle’ or ‘church,’ opposed to Jesus’ true Ecclesia or the Body of Christ.] 

Roman Catholic ‘Church Mother’s’ Protestant ‘Atoning, Saving’ Sacraments   
Roman Catholics (and traditional Protestants!) state that their church sacraments are "efficacious [necessary] signs of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which ‘divine’ life is dispensed to her members…”  In defiance of God’s New Testament covenant in Christ, the Council of Trent declared, "If anyone says that the sacraments [or ‘saving rituals’] of the New Law do not contain the grace which they signify or that they do not confer grace on those who place no obstacle to the same, let him be anathema [or cursed!]" (Sess. viii, can.vi). "If anyone say that grace is not conferred by the [Christianized pagan church] sacraments ex opere operato, but that faith in God’s promises is alone sufficient for obtaining grace, let him be anathema…”  Anathema is the Roman Catholic curse of ‘excommunication from God’ for all those who oppose the papacy – thank God, curses without sound Biblical cause on born again, obedient believers of Christ, have absolutely no power or effect, as none can curse those whom Jesus Christ Himself had blessed!  (Mt. 25:34.) 
The truth of the Bible makes it clear that ‘divine life’ (not their ungodly theosis doctrine,) but Biblical salvation, comes EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, not through the Christianized, pagan rituals of any kind of church! Acts 4:12 confirms, “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name (AND WAY) under the sun given among men by which we must be saved.”  Still, the Catholic Encyclopedia explains, “Scholastic writers… introduced into their explanations of the sacraments terms which were derived from the philosophy of [the Greek philosopher] Aristotle… to apply to them the words ‘matter’ (material) and ‘form’ (forma.)  As in physical bodies, so also in the ‘sacramental rite’ we find two elements… the matter… [and] the form.  I.e., water may be [natural water,] but the words pronounced by the priest when he pours water on the head of the child, with the intention of doing what the Church does, determines the meaning of the act… [which purifies] the soul by grace…  visible rites by which the sacraments are celebrated signify and make present the graces proper to each sacrament. They bear fruit in those who receive them with the required dispositions…” 
The truth of the Bible attests that we, not “invisible church rites,” have to bear fruit - the fruit of the Holy Spirit, not of a church with its pagan rituals and ‘atoning’ sacraments.  God can only manifest real fruit through the obedience of His sincere believers, in the power and leading of the INDWELLING HOLY SPIRIT, (Gal. 5:22!)  Nonetheless, the Roman church
continues, “Likewise, as the sole dispenser of Christ's sacraments, the Catholic Church itself is spoken of as "The universal Sacrament of salvation" containing the individual seven sacraments…”
In agreement with the ungodly view that the church itself constitutes salvation, Calvinists and other church and clergy worshippers declare, “The church is my mother; outside her there is no salvation!”  The Bible plainly refutes this ungodly claim.  It is written in 1 Pt. 2:4-9, “You, [ALL sincere believers] also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ…”  Despite God’s Word, the Bible, which is always true and so clear and uncomplicated that a child can understand every word, the papacy continues, “The whole liturgical life of the Church revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice [the Roman Catholic mass] and the sacraments…”  Church life does indeed revolve around, and center on this fake, unbiblical institution, the Roman Catholic Church and all her harlot daughters, who follow her norms, forms, and satanic rituals.  However, true salvation and Biblical life can only revolve around a sincere RELATIONSHIP with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ, Who is the ONLY Truth, Light, and Life!  Jesus Himself said, “The hour is coming [after My resurrection,] when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, [neither in this so-called ‘holy’ country, city, or temple] worship the Father… True worshippers will worship the Father in SPIRIT [spiritually born again from spiritual death] and in TRUTH, [the contextual truth of the Word,] for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.  God is Spirit; those who worship Him must worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH,” (Jn. 14:6; 4:21-24.) 
The Roman Church spells out her ‘atoning’ witchcraft as follows, “There are seven sacraments in the Church: [SPRINKLING baby] Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony… Christian initiation is accomplished by means of the sacraments which establish the foundations of Christian life.” 
Pagans without Christ need to be initiated into satanic temple orders, but without any real spiritual benefit.  Rituals play absolutely no role in the REAL salvation, redemption, or blessing of souls, (Rom. 3:21-24.) 

Hislop wrote in ‘Two Babylons,’ “…The doctrine of Rome is, that all who were canonically ‘baptized;’ [SPRINKLED] however ignorant, however immoral, [or ignorant as babies] if they [later] only give implicit faith to the Church, [NOT TO JESUS CHRIST!] and surrender their consciences to the priests, [NOT TO JESUS CHRIST!] are as much regenerated as ever they can be, and that children coming from the [sprinkling] of baptism are entirely purged from the stain of original sin. Hence, we find the Jesuit missionaries in India… made converts by thousands, by the mere fact of [SPRINKLING] baptizing them, without previous instruction, in complete ignorance of the [Scriptures,] on their mere… submission to Rome.” 
In theory, this is true in both Catholicism and Reformed Protestantism; thus, the focus is on SPRINKLING infants and new converts.  In practice however, the sprinkling-baptism only is required for true church membership and salvation; church attendance, etc. are matters of minor importance, because the ritual is a “saving” sacrament, where the water itself has  “regenerative power.”  [See ‘Dedication to water, fire, smoke, and wind gods.’] 
According to the full contextual truth of the Bible, baptism and the New Testament, Holy-Spirit circumcision can never relate to unbelieving, innocent little children.  Neither can anyone, like parents, ‘stand in the gap’ or ‘stand in the place’ of anyone else.  God commanded in Deut. 24:16, “Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor shall children be put to death for their fathers; a person shall be put to death for this own sin.” Jer. 31:29 also wrote, “Every one shall die for his own iniquity…”  Gal. 6:5 clearly states, “Each one shall bear his own load.” 
Still, the Roman Catholic Church, and her Catholic and Protestant affiliates believe, “The sacrament of [SPRINKLING] baptism frees from original sin and all personal sins, and from the punishment due to them.  [NO! ‘IN CHRIST ALONE WE HAVE REDEMPTION THROUGH HIS BLOOD, THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS ACCORDING TO THE RICHES OF HIS (New Testament)  GRACE…’ EPH. 1:7.] Baptism makes the person share in the Trinitarian life of God through sanctifying grace, (the grace of sanctification that incorporates the person into the body of Christ and his Church), also making the person a member of Christ’s priesthood… These are the faithful born anew by Baptism…” [NO! ONLY ACCOUNTABLE PEOPLE, CAPABLE OF MAKING A RATIONAL DECISION TO ACCEPT JESUS AS THEIR PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR, CAN BE SPIRITUALLY BORN ANEW AND THUS BE BAPTIZED AS JESUS HIMSELF DEMONSTRATED AND COMMANDED, (JN. 1:12-13; 3:3-5; MT. 28:19-20; JN. 3:16!)]  Most importantly, the REAL, Biblical baptism of sincere believers is not grace in itself.  It is the open declaration that a believer is a truly born again disciple of Christ, who has died spiritually to his or her state of sin and cursedness without God.  The new disciple thus states that he or she was born again spiritually through the acceptance of Jesus’ complete atonement in his or her place, and will follow Him in a new life of obedient service – which is true love for God. 
Even the truly Biblical baptism does not save.  To ‘go down into the water’ merely symbolizes that a disciple or follower of Christ is symbolically buried with Him by baptismal immersion or submersion, just as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself commanded, set the example, and was imitated by all His believers of New Testament Scripture, (please read Mt. 3:16 and the entire Rom. 6!) 

Biblical baptism by emersion can never be a baby sprinkling, or Christening! 
‘Christening’ really means, ‘to make someone (usually a baby) into a Christian,’ or ‘to give a new convert (usually a baby) a Christian name.  Neither the baby baptism nor the christening has anything to do with the Biblical baptism. 
Biblical Baptism can never be a sprinkling either – see ‘The Pagan Origins of the Sprinkling-Baptism.’ 
To “come up” or out of the baptism water just like Jesus did when He was baptized in the River Jordan, symbolizes that this newly born again disciple or follower of Jesus has now risen in a new spiritual life in Him!  (Mt. 3:16; Rom. 6:1-20.) 
Hence, Jesus commissioned His believing disciples to “Go and make disciples from all the nations, [by preaching the true Gospel of His salvation,] baptizing [sincere disciples] in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, teaching them [the Biblically baptized disciples] to observe all things that [JESUS] had commanded...” (Mt. 28:19-20.) 

Acts 8:37, the Vital and Truly Contextual, but Missing Verse on Biblical Baptism
I stand before the judgment throne of the Highest God when I say; there exists not a single CONTEXTUAL verse or passage in the whole Bible, which can support the false Roman Catholic/Protestant doctrine of the baby sprinkling as ‘the (atoning) baptism of ritual regeneration!’ 
Do not believe me – simply read the verse, and especially the context of Acts 8:37.  This verse explains the baptism that Jesus Himself commanded, and which all of His New Testament Scripture demonstrates, perfectly and irrefutably. 
This vital verse was omitted in the New International Translation, but it is found in the Old King James Version, and in the New King James Version of the Bible, (as in my favorite version, The Spirit Filled Bible, copyright 1982, by Thomas Nelson, Inc.)  The context of this verse is Acts 8:26-39, which describes how an important man from Ethiopia, who came to Jerusalem to worship, was reading the Messianic prophecy of the Old Testament Isaiah, without understanding. 
Then, the Holy Spirit sent Philip to explain the meaning and fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy, which is the Gospel of Christ; the Complete Atonement of Christ in the place of all sincerely believing humanity. 
As soon as the Ethiopian understood and believed the New Testament Gospel, he said, “See, here is water.  What hinders me from being baptized?”
So, Philip answered, [the omitted verse,] “If you believe with all your heart, you may be baptized.” 
The Ethiopian confessed, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God…” 
Then Philip and the eunuch “WENT DOWN INTO THE WATER, [just as Jesus that day in the River Jordon,] and Philip baptized him. When they came UP OUT OF THE WATER, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away…” 

Neither ‘Adult’ Baptism nor ‘Baby’ Baptism exists in Scripture; just the Baptism of Disciples! 
Jesus Himself asked those who chose to disobey Him, not being baptized, “The baptism [that I command in Mt. 28:19,] were did it come from?  From heaven or from the people?  For if, it came from heaven… why did you not believe Me and obey?  And for how long will your reject the WILL of God, being not baptized?” – (Mt. 21:25-26; Lu. 7:29-30.] 
Neither an ‘adult sprinkling-baptism’ nor a ‘baby sprinkling-baptism’ exists in Scripture.  God’s Word is the ONLY measure of our obedience to Him, and HE commanded that only truly born again, sincerely believing disciples should be baptized as He Himself demonstrated, as Biblical baptism is the outward declaration of the disciple’s personal FAITH in, and ACCEPTANCE of Christ.  Therefore, according to Scripture, those who do not obey Jesus and follow His example to be baptized according to the full context of the Word, were NOT BAPTIZED AT ALL! 
I tell you God’s truth – those who were sprinkled as babies, or those who converted to Christianity, being ‘initiated’ by a pagan sprinkling rite, were NOT BAPTIZED AT ALL! [Yes, this sprinkling is extremely pagan, as explained in the subject, ‘The Pagan Origins of the Sprinkling-Baptism.’]  More importantly – even if this ‘baptism’ could somehow be pressed into Scriptures, IT IS STILL A GRAVE SIN AGAINST GOD TO BAPTIZE UNBELIEVERS!  A baby cannot believe, decide, or confess anything, and a religious church convert certainly does not know the Lord Jesus Christ personally.  A baby and a church convert are both unbelievers.   May God have mercy on the souls of these clergy witches, baptizing unbelievers for the water god, called Satan! 

What about Lydia and the Prison Guard, who were baptized with their ‘households?’
It must infuriate the Most Holy God to see how Roman Catholics and traditional Protestants take the truth of His Word and turn it into witchcraft!  That is exactly what these baby-sprinkling clergies do when they are called upon to prove this incredible fallacy from the Bible.  Exploiting God’s Word even further, they point people to Lydia of Acts 16:14-15, alleging that her faith automatically saved her whole household as well, as “she and her household were baptized together.” 
Conveniently assuming that Lydia’s ‘household’ consisted of a whole bunch of babies, they then direct people to Acts 16:30-31, where the prison guard asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”  So Paul and Silas said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, [prophesying with foreknowledge from the Holy Spirit,] you and your household.”
This too, did not mean that the guard had a house full of babies. 
Just the next verse, (Acts 16:32,) continues with the story, stating, “Then they spoke the Word of the Lord to him AND ALL WHO WERE IN HIS HOUSE… And immediately, [once his wife and all his children of accountable age believed and accepted Jesus personally,] he and all his family were baptized.”      
As the Roman Catholic/Reformed sacrament of ‘baptism of regeneration’ supposedly saves completely and forever, “baptism is the first door by which they enter into the fold of Jesus Christ and receive reconciliation with God.  The merits of His death are by baptism applied to their souls in such a superabundant manner, as to fully satisfy Divine justice for all demands against humanity, whether for original or actual sin." – [Wikipedia Online Encyclopaedia.]   
This is not the truth of Scripture; this is a rite of passage or pagan initiation into Christianized occultism! This is violating God’s commandment not to “make your children pass through the fire” of pagan initiation!  [Read the truth about this occultist ‘first door’ under the headings, ‘Initiation or Unbiblical Dedication is a Pact with the devil,’ ‘Meaning of Initiation, or Rites of Passage,’ ‘The water god.’] 
Jesus Christ Himself declared that little children before the age of accountability belong wholly to God Alone and said, "Forbid not the little children to come to Me, for to such belong the Kingdom of Heaven,"  Then He lay His hands on them to bless them – without ever mentioning ‘sprinkle-baptism;’ ‘initiation,’ or a ‘first door’ of some kind. 
When Jesus accepted and blessed the completely innocent little children truly unconditionally, He was not referring to the little children of the Hebrews only, who also believe that they were ‘predestined’ to inherit eternal salvation.  Neither was He referring to the children of Catholics, Lutherans, Calvinists and other church members, sincere believers, or even pagans.  Jesus was speaking about all the little children on this earth.
Moreover, God’s acceptance of “little children,” refers directly to the inheritance of heaven, not to discipleship.  Heaven will always remain the eternal dwelling place for all the blood-cleansed disciples of Christ and the truly innocent, such as the “little children,” before they have reached the age of accountability where they were able to differentiate between right and wrong. 
Does Rom. 7 Sanction Baby ‘Baptism’?
Paul’s teaching on Biblical family life in Romans chapter 7 is a much-abused passage of Scripture.  So, let us see if we can find anything in the passage that might sanction the ‘baptism’ of babies, whom Jesus called the ‘citizens of heaven.’ 
Paul explained in Rom. 7:9, "Once I was alive without the law…"
That means, although all of humanity is born into a state or position of sin without God, at one time, as “little children,” we all lived innocently, without any knowledge of evil and of God’s Moral Law that was designed to protect us from sin.  As such, we were all spiritually ‘alive.’  Before the age of accountability, we all “belonged to the Kingdom of Heaven,” just as Jesus had said. This does not refer to discipleship in the here and now, (or the Kingdom of God in the hearts of born again believers,) but to innocent little children.  Before the age of accountability, ALL children belong to God. 
When they die, they go directly to heaven.
Then Paul continued, “But when the commandment came, sin revived and I died.”
The function of the Moral Law is to teach us right from wrong. 
Without knowledge of moral sin, there can be no accountability. 
The law does not bring salvation but conviction of sin – and knowledge and conviction of our lost, sinful position without God, (Gal. 2:19-21; Rom. 2 & 3.)  When we reached the age of accountability and understood right from wrong, (“when the commandment came,”) we lost our innocence.  The state of sin into which we were born ‘began to live,’ controlled our spirits and minds, “and we died.” 
As soon as we began to know right from wrong, our sinful state without God warranted spiritual death.  We lost our place in heaven, the dwelling place of the innocent and sinless, (Gal. 2:19-21.) 
Until God sends someone to preach the true Gospel of the Bible, and give us the grace to make the choice to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we will remain in that lost state of spiritual death.  We might even be devout Christians, but in order to live spiritually and to “belong to the Kingdom of Heaven” again, we need to be spiritually reborn from our state of sin into God’s state of innocence, which we once occupied as “little children.” 

Does this mean we should ‘baptise’ little children while they are still innocent? 
When Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 7, “The unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband; else were your children unclean, but now they are HOLY,” he was definitely not referring to the false doctrine of ‘sanctification’ or baby sprinkling.  Yet, baby ‘baptizing’ denominations grabbed this declaration as Scriptural ‘proof’ that the babies of Christians should be ‘baptized.’
Paul was not speaking on baptism; he took the time to explain the difficulties that arise from marriages between born again believers and unbelievers.  (This passage does not mean that believers may marry unbelievers.  This passage pertains to a situation where only one spouse comes to salvation in Christ after marriage, while the other remains an unbeliever, 1 Cor. 7:14.)  Here, Paul merely stated that God, in His omniscience, creates a holy environment for the sincerely believing spouse in an ‘unequally yoked,’ previously unholy marriage! 
God’s supernatural holiness for the unbelieving spouses and little, young, or teenage children of sincere believers has nothing to do with sacramental (or atoning) ‘church rites’ – just as this ‘sanctification’ has nothing to do with the salvation of the unbelieving husband or wife, or their children.  This holiness of the unbelieving spouse and their children for the sake of the believing spouse pertains to salvation in Christ neither on earth, nor in eternal life.  The holy position of truly born again spouses, which so favorably affects their unsaved spouses and children, only covers their spouses and children under God’s holiness until the spouses and children are able to make a personal choice to either accept, or reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!  Surely, if the unbelieving but holy young children of this ‘mixed’ marriage could be ‘baptized,’ then the holy but unbelieving spouse can also be ‘baptized!’  On the contrary, this passage does not mean that the ‘holy’ children of believers should be ‘sprinkle-baptized’ - or even baptized by immersion!  Biblically, only sincerely believing disciples may be baptized by immersion.   
Paul, the Backslidden Peter, and those of the Circumcision 
Amazingly, baby-‘baptizers’ try to justify their great fallacies by reciting Old Testament Scripture and covenants – using them entirely out of context, of course.  However, in this way, they also allege that the law of physical circumcision, which only applied to the 8-day old little HEBREW BOYS of the Old Testament, ‘was changed’ into the sprinkling of Calvinists’ New Testament babies – making them ‘children of the covenant of circumcision.’ 
(Where do they find N.T. proof for this neat piece of barefaced witchcraft?) 
If this baby baptism were indeed a ‘circumcision,’ it is an ungodly, unscriptural circumcision nonetheless!  Jesus’ disciple Paul “taught ALL [born again] Jews… saying that they ought NOT to circumcise their children…” (Acts 21:21.)  In this instance, Paul was not, as the Jews alleged, rejecting the Law of Moses.  Paul said, ‘If any can be justified by keeping [certain parts of] the law, then Christ has died in vain,’ (Gal. 2:21.)  Yet, these baby-sprinkling preventers dare to refer this ‘baptism’ to the circumcision of Jesus when He was 8 days old – ignoring the fact that physical circumcision pertains to the Old Testament, ceremonial, temple-law.  (The only law that Jesus ever commanded, was the Moral Law, or the Royal Law of Love, as the entire O.T. Covenant, as well as all the physical O.T. temple-ceremonies, were completely done away with and replaced by His spiritual N.T. Covenant, written in His own blood.  Do not believe me - read Heb. 8:6-13!] 
In addition, these preventers forget that Jesus was born a HEBREW, Who, at that time, still lived under the physical precepts of the O.T. law until He could implement the spiritual N.T. Covenant after He had risen from the grave. 
However, as an Adult, Jesus was also baptized with the Biblical, New Testament baptism of immersion – the baptism, which He then commanded for all His born again disciples, “even to the end of this world,” (Mt. 28:19-20.) 
What we find in the epistles of Paul, especially, is that he had a really tough time with even born again Jews, who continually reverted to the physical, or ceremonial law of the O.T.; in particular, the law of ritual circumcision. 
Paul even had to rebuke a backslidden Peter, who, on Pentecost, was inspired by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel of Christ – as well as the Biblical baptism, which Jesus Himself had commanded, (Acts 2:38.)
Paul recounted in Gal. 2:11-21, “When Peter came to Antioch, I withstood him to his face, because… he withdrew… fearing those who were of the circumcision.  And the rest of the Jews also played the hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with their hypocrisy… I said to Peter before them all, ‘If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of Gentiles and not as the Jews, why do you compel Gentiles to live as [circumcised] Jews… knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ…  I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died in vain,” (Gal. 2:11-21.) 

In Catholic/Reformed terms, ‘coming of age’ or teen confirmation means, a ‘baptized’ baby is already a full church member, but confirmation is the second atoning sacrament – the rite of passage that “renders the bond with the Church more perfect.”  In the East, Catholic babies and new converts ‘accept’ this sacrament directly after the sprinkle-baptism, while in the West the child receives this ritual as a teenager.  The Roman Catholic Catechesis teaches, “Confirmation or Chrismation is the second sacrament of Christian initiation."  [THERE IS THAT PAGAN WORD ‘INITIATION’ AGAIN!] It is called Chrismation because it confirms and strengthens baptismal grace… and seals us with the Holy Spirit of God.  [REALLY?]  Hence, it’s name, ‘Sacrament of the Seal.’  It [THIS RITUAL ITSELF, NOT GOD,] gives us grace to become complete Christians and soldiers of Christ as King, His Mother as Queen [THAT IS THE CATHOLIC MARY, THE SO-CALLED ‘MOTHER OF GOD,’] and the Church militant [OR AGGRESSIVE] AS His Kingdom on earth… [Babies, who were supposedly ‘born anew’ through the sprinkling rite, are allegedly then] strengthened by Confirmation and are then nourished by the Eucharist… [or ‘holy’ communion.] ” 
No! Holy-Spirit  teaching in God’s grace to study and understand the truth of His Word is the only real ‘nourishment’ for true believers – not the Christianized pagan rite of ‘confirmation,’ or ‘holy communion!’ – (Jn. 14:16,26; 15:26; 16:8-14; Acts 1:8!)  Scripturally, the body of Christ consists of all sincere believers worldwide, and the nature of God’s true children is not aggression, but meekness – (not weakness!)  The Roman Catholic catechism continues, “God confirms us so we may do spiritual battle and imparts to us the 7 Gifts of the Holy Ghost, as in a ‘personal Pentecost:’ Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, Fear of the Lord…”
This false system wrote its own bible, for 1 Cor. 2:8-10 describes the NINE gif

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