August 8, 2016

All of 'them' are striving to achieve Mandela's dream of 1964....

"it became clear that ▶the dream◀ of a prosperous, ▶united nation◀ would not be realised overnight." ~Maimane
'▶Nelson Mandela's dream◀ no longer lives under ANC'  ~Maimane

Remember now that:
Racism (the science of evolution’s alchemy and eugenics) is NOT about color 
Racism or eugenics is freemasonry, communism and evolution.  Racism and communism, therefore, is NOT about the color of skin.  Racism is the alchemist belief of masonic societies that they belong to a superior or elite nation, culture, creed, political party, etc.  Racism descends from the top-structure of the masonic, Darwinian pyramid.  Ultimately, racism is about the alchemist belief of elitists that  ‘undesirables’ or those who do not belong to their group are ‘useless eaters,’ and therefore the ‘superior god-race’ must lord over them.  Whether these so-called ‘undesirables’ are white, black, brown, or yellow, they remain ‘unter mensche,’ [low-life,] ‘useless eaters’ and ‘cannon fodder,’ who can simply be sacrificed to ‘the cause’ as ’casualties of war.’  

the New World Order is a globalist communist government...

Globalist = Communist = One World Government with satan as it's head

■ 'Freemasons control DA selection panel'
Johannesburg - A disgruntled DA ward councillor has spilt the beans on how party officials he claimed belonged to the Koh-I-Noor Lodge of Freemasons allegedly rigged the candidates selection process for the 2016 municipal elections, giving preference to their wives, girlfriends and friends.

And this had rendered the whole process invalid, according to Alexander Willem Frederik Middelberg, Tshwane’s ward 91 councillor and shadow finance member of the mayoral committee.
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