July 12, 2016

UPDATE: Manhandled by police: Afrikaans farmer Nico Combrink, 53, in hospital after rough manhandling by police 2 weeks earlier

Afrikaans farmer Nico Combrink (53) from Dendron Limpopo, who was injured in a accident,  then roughly manhandled when he was illegally arrested & dumped in a police-van 2 weeks ago, is now under treatment at a hospital for internal bleeding caused by broken ribs
Combrink was roughly dragged into a police van after a motor car accident two weeks earlier. No further details were provided about the circumstances surrounding the accident which would cause the police to arrest Mr Combrink. .

His wife Alta said her husband was however constantly in pain after the accident and the following rough manhandling by the police. "He has already visited two doctors but did not improve. I took him to a hospital in Pietersburg yesterday and after further tests it was found that his ribs were broken and were causing bleeding on his lungs. He is now under treatment to stop the bleeding".

Maroela Media comments that there is no information as to what caused his injuries just yet.