July 4, 2016

#MediaBlackOut: The #SABC's censorship circus

By Mike Smith 4th of July 2016

We knew it all along and the Liberal twats have been denying it. The former SABC boss, Jimmy Matthews, has admitted that the public broadcaster manipulated the news and coverage of opposition parties such the DA, COPE and the EFF. 

Now...who seems more upset? The Liberal idiots who for years sang the praises of the ANC. 

Charl Blignaut of City press said “Voices critical of the governing party have steadily been silenced at the SABC for years already, notably under the reign of chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Mostly as a result of his personal decrees, there have been talk shows pulled; satirical adverts banned; documentaries canned; a policy decision to cut the use of external commentators and political analysts; a sunshine editorial decision to broadcast 70% good news... “

Matthews resigned last week under a cloud as the furore at the state broadcaster continued. 

In his resignation letter, Matthews said Motsoeneng (Chief Operating Officer) had fostered a climate of censorship and political pandering at the SABC, resulting in the suspension of several journalists. 

Mathews said: “People are being bludgeoned to toe the line under threat of dismissal.” 

But insiders say Matthews himself was the main culprit. One told City Press how he would cut voices (what is called “upsounds”) out of scripts to reduce the visibility of some politicians. 

Another told Rapport, “It is Jimi who tampered with stories and refused to broadcast”, referring to the SABC’s refusal to show violent protests. 

And to think they complained abaout the Apartheid government's censorship. Now it's ten times worse.