July 29, 2016

"I see plenty of land, you can have it" ~Malema promised should his party ascend to power.

Our Governments have no real power and can make no real decisions.  It actually does not matter whom we vote for, because the real controllers of planet Earth, control all parties in any given election.  Indeed, the true power lies behind the governments who are merely puppets for an institution, as the world is really run by those that I have often referred to as the Shadow Government, The Oligarchy, The Powers That Be, or The Dark Forces.  All these refer to the hidden hand behind global affairs, which is a complex web of ancient family dynasties, religious and financial institutions, secret societies such as the Freemasons and Papal Knights, all headed up from Vatican Cit

At the very highest levels of government and intelligence, there are no sides.  In fact, the International Intelligence community is controlled by the Jesuit for the Papacy... & Malema as one of them...

The EFF is promising to hand out title deeds en masse should it ascend to power.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Thursday took his campaign trail to Cullinan, east of Tshwane, promising decent houses and title deeds should his party ascend to power.

“When driving on all the roads leading to this community, there is plenty of land, but this land is owned by whites who don’t even know how Cullinan looks like because they bought this land from only seeing it on the newspapers,” Malema told thousands of supporters.

“The people who live in this land don’t have a piece of land of their own. Those who have a little piece of land do not have any document to prove that the land is theirs, whether they have been staying here for over 20 years; they don’t have tittle deeds.”

Malema said the majority of South Africans who did not own land did not enjoy the benefits of freedom and democracy.

“Those who talk about 20 years of democracy are those who are better, while the majority of the people have been staying in apartheid houses till today. They stay in the houses which were inherited from their parents and grandparents, and now their children are also inheriting these apartheid houses but never saw a tittle deed – they don’t even know how it looks like,” said Malema.

“However, our white counterparts who found us here, all do have title deeds. None of them do not have title deeds, as if the came carrying land in a bag.”

Malema promised that when his fledgling party ascends to power, the disadvantaged South Africans will be given land and title deeds.

“The EFF elections manifesto does state that when we take over government, we are going to give people land. We are going to give our people title deeds. We are going to give you land, not the tiny spaces that the ANC is giving you that, after building an RDP house, the whole space is occupied and, after that, they claim that they gave you houses,” said the youthful politician.

South Africans go to the polls on August 3, where they will be selecting councillors and mayors. On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission of South Africa appealed to all registered voters to come out and make their voice heard through the ballot.
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